How to set an alarm on your MacBook

In order to wake up from a brief desk sleep or to help you remember something, you might occasionally wish to set the alarm on your Mac if you spend most of your day in front of it.

There isn’t a precise alarm option available on Mac because macOS doesn’t come with a built-in clock application. However, by employing these techniques, your Mac may easily serve as a reminder and come close to performing the same functions as an alarm.

How to set an Alarm on your MacBook

Using Wake Up Time

On Mac, you may set an alarm using the free program Wake Up Time. Although the software hasn’t been updated in the previous six years, it still functions and is compatible with the most recent macOS Monterey release.

  1. Open Wake Up Time on your Mac and select the appropriate time under Alarm Time.
  2. You have two options: use your keyboard to choose the time or click the little arrows.
  3. Select any alarm tone under Sound. To watch a preview, click the play button.
  4. To activate the alarm, click the circular on/off alarm button located in the bottom left corner.
  5. The “Alarm set” text will appear in the light orange indicator box as soon as it is turned on.
  6. At the predetermined time, the alarm will sound and play a sound to wake you up.

Reminder: If your Mac is awake, the Wake-Up Time alarm software and the other techniques in this guide will function.

Using the Apple Calendar

Mac’s modest calendar event notifications. You’ll see a notification in the upper-right corner and hear a brief sound after one second. This functions more like a timer than an alarm, but it can occasionally be useful.

For instance, you could want a Mac-based reminder to remove food from the oven after two hours while you are working on it. In this situation, using the steps below will allow you to rapidly create a Calendar event with an alert (alarm).

  1. Go to your Mac’s Calendar application. To do this, search for it while pressing command and space.
  2. Click on the Plus button in the top-left corner. In the format specified, type your event information.
  3. For instance, enter at 11:58 AM today and type sees the oven. There will be a calendar event produced. Click alerts in the pop-up window to continue, then select a choice. If necessary, you may add more information.
  4. Another approach is to double-click on the date box you want if you are in the month view.
  5. A popup for a new event will appear. Enter the event name, time, alert, and other information at this point.

Note: If you carefully double-click on the date number, it will open in full-screen mode, which can be useful for certain people.

Using Kuku Klok to set an alarm

A stylish and user-friendly online alarm clock website with a variety of sounds is Kuku Klok. The fact that setting the alarm just requires internet access is better. Following that, the alarm will sound even if your Mac is not online. Use it as follows.

  1. Browse on a Mac using any browser.
  2. To set the time, press the + and – buttons or the keyboard’s number keys.
  3. Pick a sound from the right-hand side.
  4. Lastly, choose SET ALARM.
  5. Make sure not to close this tab in your browser.

Using the Reminders software to set alarms

You can make alarm alerts with Mac’s Reminder app, just like you do with the calendar app. This demonstrates how notice and a brief alert sound are similar to calendar events.

  1. On your Mac, open Reminders and select + from the top-right menu.
  2. Enter the desired name, then click the I at the end of the row.
  3. Check and remind me on that day.
  4. Set the time and date you want now. You could also take into account a couple of the other possibilities available.


I think the approaches I just mentioned resolved your inquiry. They are not as practical as the iPhone or iPad alarm. They do, however, function in case you ever need them. Additional queries? Please post your responses in the space below.

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