How to Set Casio Touch Watch

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Do you have a Casio touch watch you want to set the time on? If you do then this article is going to show you how to do exactly that.

In the olden days, clocks were what was used to tell the time in homes, offices, churches, and even schools. Even though we still use clocks in our homes, offices, churches, etc. you will agree with me that almost 50% of the population now have clocks on their smartphones.

As a result, most people prefer using their smartphones to the clock. Due to the gradual “disappearance” of clocks, watches, and smartwatches manufacturing companies are now taking over the industry.

One of such brands is Casio. Casio is known for its excellent manufacturing of calculators, watches, etc. In their watch series, one of the most popular watches is the Casio Touch watch.

Unlike the normal watches that have buttons for setting the time, the Touch watch, just as the name suggests does not have any button for setting the time. As such, you need to use touch the screen to set the time.

Although setting the time on the Casio Touch watch is not that difficult, most people find it difficult to set the time; and that is the reason why we decided to write this article to guide you through the process of setting the Casio Touch watch.

How To Set Casio Touch Watch

Obviously, the only thing you need before you set the time on your Casio Touch watch is the Casio Touch watch itself. So, if you have it, then you can follow the steps below to set the time on your Casio Touch watch.

  1. Tap the touch once to show the digital time display.
  2. Touch and hold the Hour area for 4-6 seconds to change the Hour. It can only go forward and not backward.
  3. Once the Hour is set, touch and hold on to the touch screen to change the Minute. (Likewise, you can only go forward and not backward)
  4. Again, touch and hold to switch to the Date
  5. Similar to setting the time, tap on the Day to change the day.
  6. Tap on the Year and the Month to change the year and month also.

Once it is set to the correct date and time, then you are done. That is all it takes.

Some features of the Casio Touch Watch

  • It is unisex (this means both males and females can wear it)
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • In terms of the display, it has an LED and it is water-resistant
  • There are several colours available for you to choose from.


Casio Touch watch is one of the sleekest watches that is available on the market. Unlike some of the fake Touch watches, you will agree with me that Casio is one of the leading names in the watch manufacturing industry.

Also, in terms of the price, the Casio Touch watch is unbelievably cheap as compared to the other touch watches we have.  Whether you are a male or female, you can get yourself the Casio Touch watch and enjoy all the amazing features that come with it.

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