How To Set Emergency Contacts On Your Phone

Ever wonder what will happen when you are unconscious, maybe in a car accident or unable to respond?

Assuming you might be that lucky type that will get a rescuer to help you when one of these happen to you.

But what if the person was able to find your phone on your pocket, then he decided to look through your phone to see if he will know your blood type or go through your contacts and call your family members only to find out your phone is locked?

Well, I am not saying you should not password-protect your phone, of course, you should, Locking your phone help you in a way that nobody can use your phone without your concern.

You might say there is an emergency tab on every phone when its locked and that person who will come to your rescue can use that to call for help, you are right but this only allows the person to call the Ghana emergency response centre number (112).

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The good news is that you can add your family and friends contacts under the emergency section so that when you are in a catastrophe and the rescuer wants to contact your relatives it will be easy for him or her.

How to Set Up Emergency Contacts On Your Phone

  1. Make sure your phone is locked, under your lock screen, you will see an emergency, tap on it.
  2. You will be presented with emergency dial keypad, double-tap on emergency information.
  3. You will see a pen at the top right, tap on it to edit your emergency information, most phones will ask you to unlock your phone before you can edit it.
  4. When you finally unlock your phone, under the “emergency contacts” select +Add contact, add your family and friends contacts and make sure to add active numbers as you never know when you might be in such situations.

You can also add your medical information such as your name, blood type, address, medications and medical notes so that in case you are unconscious or in need of blood, then the person near you at that time can see all those information without unlocking your phone.

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You can add your family and friends contacts on the emergency information section so that when you are unconscious or in need of blood the rescuer can get the contacts information of your family and friends easily and call them.

Also, you can add your medical information such as blood type, medical notes, allergies and many more in case you are rushed to the hospital and you are unable to respond.

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