How To Setup 2 Factor-Authentication (2FA) On Your Facebook Account

Second Factor Authentication also is known as 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA is a security system used by websites and applications to ensure that users provide at least 2 evidence of ownership before they are allowed access to their accounts.

To set up two-factor authentication on your account, go through the following processes:

1. Go to settings and privacy on your Facebook app or Facebook webpage.

2. Select Settings

3. Locate Security And Login under the security heading.

4. Click on it

5. Under Two-Factor Authentication, click on “Use Two-Factor Authentication”.

6. Click on Turn on

7. Select Your Preferred Method (Mobile Phone or Email.)

8. Write your mobile number and confirm.

9. Dial the code sent to your phone for confirmation

10. You’ll be required to enter your current password for confirmation.

11. Your 2FA is setup.

Note: Setting up 2FA requires some level of precision. Be sure to select a method more appropriate to you. Select a method you’re sure of getting regular access to. If you chose text message as your verification method, be sure that the number you used will always be available. Because anytime you have to log in, you’ll need that number for verification.

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