How To Stop MTN Data auto renewal In Ghana

The Automatic renewal or auto-renewal feature is purposely provided by network service providers to enable subscribers to get their data packages renewed as soon as they reach the end of their validity.

While rollover or automatic renewal enables you to keep the remaining of your existing data while adding a newer volume and extending your expiry date, this may not be ideal for everyone.

For most people, unfortunately, they are unable to buy airtime on their phones regularly and that makes it difficult for the auto-renewals to go through most times.

Even when they go through, they go a long way to drain the airtime wallets of such subscribers.

For this reason, some people may want to deactivate the automatic renewal option for their data packages.

In this article, we shall look at the steps involved in deactivating the auto-renewal function on your MTN Data bundles.

Deactivating MTN Ghana Data Bundles

To deactivate the automatic renewal of all MTN Ghana data packages aside from the fibre broadband and Turbonet data packages, just text ‘Stop’ to 138.

The MTN Turbonet data packages do not expire anymore, hence making it unnecessary for automatic renewals to be made available. MTN Ghana has, therefore, removed the auto-renewal service from the Turbonet USSD Menu.


With this method, you can deactivate automatic renewals for the following MTN Data packages: MTN Special offers, Midnight bundles, Daily bundles, weekly bundles, monthly bundles, kokrooko bundles, MTN Basic Packages, social media bundles and video bundles.

This method will only work if only you have already subscribed to any of the data bundles listed above. If you have not subscribed to any of them, please do not try the deactivation. Also, if you do not have any problems with the automatic renewal, you should not attempt this method since trying it may make you lose existing data upon its expiry.

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