How To Subscribe For The MTN 141 Service For Cheap Data

Everything is digital now. The whole world is virtually becoming a digital world with the internet becoming more popular than it has ever been at any point.

As such, the demand for internet data packages have reached an all-time high.

In a country such as Ghana where data is considered to be unnecessarily expensive, one thing we all hope for is some “free data” or cool data promotion.

Why MTN Ghana 141 Service Is Your Solution

Well, if you’re a student who uses the internet so much for your research works, or a business person who relies on the Internet to make money, or that young person who loves to stream videos, you know exactly what I’m saying here.

And oh, if you’re someone who finds pleasure in liking the latest gist on social media and commenting on photos, you are definitely part of this.

Chances are that you have probably contacted those guys in WhatsApp groups saying they sell data at a cheaper price and you are supposed to pay so they send you the data.

It’s very sad but I’m sure some of them have even duped (chopped) you before.

Well, MTN Ghana has some good news for you.

With the MTN Just4U data package, you get to enjoy cool data packages designed for you alone, based on your data use throughout the week.

How To Activate MTN 141 Service

To register for the MTN 141 Service, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *141# on your phone from your MTN Ghana Simcard
  2. Depending on your usage of the sim card, you may get up to 5 packages to choose from.
  3. Select your package
  4. Select 1 to confirm your choice
  5. Press okay to accept the data.


This is one of the best data packages you can subscribe to as an MTN Ghana subscriber. Even though most of the data packages here last from between 3 days to one week, the volume is usually huge and good for heavy data users.

Personally, I go for the 2.5GB for 12 Cedis Package which helps me in my research works.

Also, do remember that this data package is not transferable. And you can only buy on the sim card you use to subscribe. You cannot buy a different number using this service.

The service is made to suit every sim card as per the usage metrics.

I hope this data pack works for you and saves you from the hands of those unscrupulous “data boys”. Kindly share other affordable data packages you know of in the comment box beneath the post.

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