How to Subscribe to Apple Music in Ghana

Most iPhone users in Ghana who like digital streaming services like Apple Music have had difficulties attempting to subscribe and listen to their favorite songs on the app throughout the years.

What justifies purchasing music at all? Truth be said, recording and production are expensive. It counts as piracy to download unlicensed music. In addition, visiting shady, unreliable third-party websites puts your phone in danger of malware infection.

Are iTunes and Apple Music the same thing?

But first, let’s get one thing straight. Compared to iTunes, an Apple Music membership is very different. Apple’s online marketplace for buying media is called iTunes (Music, Movies, Ringtones). Everything you buy from the iTunes store is permanently yours. Additionally, you may download it on a Mac, PC, or any iOS device.

However, Apple Music is a subscription service rather than a retail outlet. You pay a single monthly charge as opposed to paying for each song. You can listen to every song in the Apple Music library for that price. Any of these songs may be downloaded or added to playlists in your personal collection for offline listening.

In Ghana, how much does Apple Music cost?

The cost of an Apple Music subscription in Ghana is GHS 153.94 per month, significantly less than the cost in most other countries. The identical service would cost $50, or around GHS 500, in the US.

The best part isn’t even that. Typically, Apple offers discounts to college students on all of its goods and services. Therefore, the standard charge is reduced by 50% for students.

How to confirm your student status with Apple Music

Apple offers the opportunity to authenticate with myUnidays for a discount for university students in Ghana. The restriction is that you must sign in using ( email address that is supplied and maintained by your school. Your university is probably covered, and the verification process takes less than 10 minutes.

Hit the submit button at the bottom of the page after providing your name, email address, and any other information that is necessary. Sit back and wait for an email verification link to be sent to your school email since this only takes a few minutes to complete.

How to subscribe to Apple Music in Ghana With and Without Master Card

Enough said. It appears that using some Ghanaian debit cards to purchase music on iTunes is still difficult, especially for banks whose DCC has been disabled (Dynamic Currency Conversion).

It’s for this reason that many of us get angry when we see Payment Declined, especially if our credit card is a MasterCard or VISA. Then comes the stress of having to go back to your financial institution to make things right or pay to request a new card, which occasionally may or may not resolve the problem.

Yes, I know. I experienced this identical emotion as well. However, I discovered a simple technique to resolve this at little to no expense. It stings a lot, especially after trying numerous Ghana credit cards. A third-party program named gomoney is used in this process. Users may pay and share bills, keep track of costs, and transfer and receive money using the online bank known as gomoney.

You may request a virtual credit card once you download the app and register with all of your information. P.S. Before you may obtain the card, you must also give your BVN in order to further validate your account. Before moving on to the next phase, you must also snap a photo of yourself.

In order to protect your account from fraud, boost your transactional limits, and take advantage of all gomoney perks, you must provide these data.

You may request a virtual MasterCard on the app after that is delivered; you can also request a physical MasterCard, but the virtual card request procedure is significantly quicker.

You must enter the OTP (One Time Password) given to the cellphone number you used to register the account after you click Get Virtual Card in order to validate your account. Make careful to rapidly check before the OTP expires because it has a 5-minute validity window; otherwise, you will have to get another OTP.

The money app will let you know when your card should arrive, which should be within an hour at most once that has been properly completed. You can return in an hour and there you have it! Your virtual debit card is prepared and costs 0 Ghana cedis to use.

After that, select See Details to reveal your card information, which you may either capture or write down. Because MasterCard is an authorized biller, you would now use this new virtual card information to subscribe to Apple Music. With this virtual card, you may subscribe to Apple Music with confidence every time.

Depending on the plan you select, you may not need to fund your gomoney account if you’re a first-time user of Apple Music because the service already guarantees a 3-month free trial period before charges are applied when the expiration date is due.

However, if you’re an existing subscriber, you’ll need to transfer funds to your gomoney account number, which is prominently displayed on your profile page on the app, in order to successfully complete your subscription.

Please be aware that if you decide not to continue with the subscription plan, you are able to cancel the subscription before the due date of expiration as well.

How to cancel Apple music

  1. Simply go to Settings
  2. Select “Cancel Membership” under “subscriptions”, if you are concerned that you might forget to cancel your subscription before it renews.
  3. Up until the next due date, you can continue to use your free trial or current subscription.


We hope these instructions aid you to subscribe for Apple music here in Ghana without any hindrance.

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