How to Take a Screenshot on Onlyfans

If you use onlyfans, you might be wondering how to take screenshots on the app, as there isn’t an option to do so in the app’s settings.

This article will show you how to take a screenshot on onlyfans, so you can then share these images with other users and also use them in your posts.

About Onlyfans

Onlyfans is an adult-oriented social media site that offers paid subscriptions for exclusive content. You can use this site to upload your own content, or create it with others in the Onlyfans community.

Onlyfans also lets you interact with other members through polls, private messages, and comments.

How to screenshot on onlyfans

Even though the rule says no pictures or videos of others works outside their system, there is no mechanism to prevent taking screenshot.

If you are using an android phone or iPhone and you want to take screenshot on onlyfans,

  1. Login to your onlyfans account using chrome or any other recognised browser.
  2. Locate the picture you want to snap and hit on it for a full view.
  3. If your phone has an internal screenshot system, you can press the down volume and the switch button and a shot will immediately be taken.
  4. Other phones also takes their shot when you press the home button and the down volume at the same time.
  5. Depending on how your phone takes its normal screenshot, you can use that.

On a laptop or computer,

  1. Open chrome or any other recognised browser and visit
  2. Login with your credentials and locate the picture you want to snap.
  3. Now on your PC, you can right click on the picture and “SAVE AS” in any folder you want on your pc.
  4. You can also press CTRL+P and save the image as PDF on your pc.

NB: All the methods above will easily save any image you want to screenshot on onlyfans.

Will you be banned if you take screenshot on OnlyFans?

It’s in the terms and conditions that all of your content must be original and not shared elsewhere so if you share contents outside, you are breaking rules but you will not be banned because, no administrator will know whether you have made a screenshot or not.


Most users onlyfans loves to share their activities as well as that of others on different social media platforms in order to build more followers for themselves.

Thus, its sometimes worth it taking screenshot of your account. However, note that, you are somehow breaking the rule.

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