How to Track a Phone Number in Ghana

Tracking phone numbers in Ghana can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it right. Most people will tell you that Ghana has no phone number tracking service, but that’s not entirely true.

The majority of Ghanaians will tell you there are no phone numbers listed online, and they aren’t entirely wrong either—you just have to go to the right place to get the information you need.

Even when you’re not sure you’re looking for, it can be useful to gather as much information as possible about someone you know and suspect may be cheating on you or simply seeing someone else in secret.

For example, if you are suspicious that your spouse or partner is seeing someone else but they claim they aren’t, it can help to prove or disprove their story by tracking their phone calls or emails over the course of a few days and comparing them with where they claim to have been.

You can track phone numbers in Ghana using different methods, and you can use it to make sure that your loved ones have access to the right information and equipment when they need it most.

Whether you’re tracking your own mobile phone number or you are trying to track down someone else’s, this article will help you find the right information quickly and easily.

Why you might need to track a phone number

There are many reasons you might need to track a phone number. Perhaps you’re trying to find someone from your past, get an old friend back, or locate family members that have lost contact with one another.

Maybe you suspect your spouse is having an affair and you want to track their location and who they are talking with on the phone. Maybe you need information for an investigation.

What information do you need before you start

Before you can track someone down, you need to know the details.

  1. The first thing you’ll need is their phone number.
  2. You will also want to know if it’s for work or personal use, and if they’re on any social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.
  3. Finally, be sure that you have the right spelling of their name and any other pertinent information like their house address, box address, email address, etc.

Methods that can be used to track a phone number

Using an app

There are several mobile or windows apps in the market that can be used to track someone’s location. Apps like GEO finder, Truecaller, Heyfind, Phone locator, etc can be used to do so.

All you have to do is to download the app, confirm it authenticity by reading reviews, open the app, register with your details and pay for their premium if available to use the app.

Using Google Map

Google map is termed as the “Earth representation” because it provides a representation of the earth based on satellite images.

Using the steps below, you can also use Google map to track mobile phone devices.

  1. On your browser search Google Find My Device
  2. When the search opens, input the gmail login details of the device you want to track.
  3. Input your mobile number.
  4. You will receive a message with URL on your phone.
  5. Click on the URL link to open it on the web browser of your phone.
  6. Allow Google to access your location.
  7. Click on the “Yes” button when the dialog box pops up to let Google Latitude find the location.
  8. Google map will provide you with the location of the cell phone you inserted its details.

What if the person has their GPS off? That means most of the tracking methods will not be possible since they all uses GPS to track location. If such happens in your case, then you sure have to use a spamming link to install a GPS on the persons phone without their knowledge.

The following steps will help you find the current location of the phone by phone number when the GPS is off.

  1. Make a call to see if the persons phone is switched on.
  2. There are websites you can register that will provide you with the spamming link for tracking. Make sure you have registered with one.
  3. You should send the spamming link with a bug or a worm through a text message to the number.
  4. Make sure the text is convincing enough to make the person using the phone to click on it.
  5. After he or she clicks on the link, the bug will auto-install on the device. In order to track your phone, you will need to ensure that the bug access the GPS of the phone and then switch it on.
  6. After that, you can continue with the process of tracking the phone.
  7. Note that this method will only work if the person clicks on the spam link.

Using Find My phone

Find my fone can be found in your mobile phone settings. If you have misplaced your phone and you want to find it using another phone or want to track someone on your phone, you can use the Find my phone settings to do so.

Below is how you can track an iPhone or Android phone using Find My Phone methods:


  1. On your iPhone, open settings.
  2. Choose iCloud.
  3. Switch on Find My Phone tab.
  4. To find your lost phone or to track someone, you must first have the Apple ID of the person’s or your lost device.
  5. Now, provide the needed requirements and tap on Find My Phone.
  6. You should be careful because the target person will receive a notification every time you try to search his or her location.


  1. On your phone, open settings
  2. Scroll through and locate security settings
  3. Look for “remotely locate this device.”
  4. Switch on “remotely locate this device”
  5. Switch on your phone GPS
  6. You can locate the device by turning on the Android Device Manager
  7. Now, insert the Gmail address of the phone or person you want to track and log in.

After logging in, Google will inform you of the location of the phone. Also, you will see the history.


You should now know how to track a phone number in Ghana. You will be able to get the information you need without any worries or hassles.

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