How To Transfer Credit From Vodafone To Vodafone In Ghana

Humans as we are, the need to depend on one another from time to time becomes inevitable.

Sharing airtime has become very popular amongst mobile phone users across the world today.

For that reason, most of the mobile network companies in Ghana in particular have provided services for transferring airtime from one account to the other.

In this article, we shall take a look at Vodafone Ghana’s unique solution to airtime transfer from one user account to the other.

To transfer airtime from one Vodafone account to the other, there are two known ways. The first way is the use of the “Cedi value only” method and the second is using the “Cedi and Pesewas value” method.

The Cedi value only method is used to send airtime from 1 cedi and above without any decimals. (for example: 1 cedi, 2 cedis, 5 cedis or 100 cedis). The Cedi and pesewas value is used to send airtime amounts including decimals (Examples: 0.20 Cedis, 0.50 cedis, 1.45 cedis and so on).

1. Using The Cedi Value Only Method

a. Dial *516# and send

b. Dial the recipient’s number

c. Enter the amount you wish to send (1 cedi and above)

d. Enter your password (The default password is 1234)

2. Using Cedi And Pesewas Value Method

a. Dial *516#

b. Dial the number of the recipient

c. Enter the Cedi value of the amount you want to send.

d. Enter the Pesewas value of the amount you wish to send without the decimal point. (Example: 30 for 30Pesewas)

e. Enter your password (Default password is 1234)

Notes: 1. Vodafone Charges a flat fee of 7 Pesewas or 0.07 GHC on every airtime transfer from user to user.

2. You can only transfer from one prepaid users’ account to another prepaid user’s account. Postpaid customers are not qualified for this service.

3. You can only transfer amounts between 20 Pesewas and 50 Cedis at a time. Anything below or above these thresholds would not go through.

4. You need to have an extra airtime of 7 Pesewas or more aside the amount you wish to send before your transaction goes through. (example: If you are transferring 20 cedis airtime, you must have at least 20 cedis 7 Pesewas worth of airtime in your account.)


I hope this article was helpful in solving your quest to send airtime from your prepaid Vodafone line to another Vodafone line.

Be sure to check your balance and also ensure that you are using a prepaid simcard as well as your recipient too.

If you have any questions or comments on this article, don’t forget to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to read your views.

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