How to Transform Your Townhouse into a Smart Home

Technology has completely changed how we do things, and one of its benefits can be seen in a smart home. When you watch movies, you see things like people walking into their homes and the lights coming without having to touch a switch.

Well, this doesn’t just happen in movies, you can control everything in your home with your smartphone when you live in a smart home. You can turn on your air-conditioning, microwave oven, your TV and even listen to music while on spot. How can you transform your home into a smart home? 

Smart Locks

You can give your home more security by installing smart locks. The smart locks come in form of a touchpad and won’t require keys to open them. The door locks automatically, and you can control how you open or unlock it with your smartphone. If you find it difficult to keep your keys, having a smart lock will be a lifesaver for you.

One of the benefits of smart locks is that you can decide who gets access to your house. You can give different codes to the people who you want in your home. It provides better security than conventional door locks.

Smart Assistants

You can use smart assistants in your townhouse like Google Voice Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. This software has been designed to control virtually all your devices without leaving a spot.

You can use these smart assistants to control the lights around the house. Alexa Google works perfectly for smart home theatres, and you can use it to play your favorite music. Both Google and Alexa give you complete freedom to choose which brand of device you want.

You can access your Google Assistant on any android smartphone while Alexa works with a single speaker. Siri works only on Apple devices like their iPhone, HomePod speakers, and Apple TV. Some smart TVs also come with these smart assistants, and you can speak through the microphone in its remote.

Smart Kitchens

You can also transform your kitchen to make it smart like every other part of your home. A smart kitchen setting will have a refrigerator with access to the internet. You can view the contents in your fridge through your smartphone without having to open them.

If you happen to be around a store, it makes it easy to make quick purchases. You also get to enjoy a smart kitchen when baking or cooking on smart cookers. You can get a smart slow cooker that you can control even when you are not in the kitchen.

There are also other interesting items like smart plates, and spoons which will calculate the number of calories on your plate. You can also invest in a smart garbage can that scans the items you throughout and lifts barcodes on boxes so, you remember to add them to your grocery list.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat comes in handy during hot and cold weather.

You can install it in your home and have it working with help of compatible apps. Some of these apps will help you measure the amount of energy you use, so you can save and control your daily consumption. You can control how hot or cool your home is from your smartphone. 


Another smart device you may want to invest in is cameras. Having indoor cameras helps you keep an eye on your pets and what goes on in your home when you are out.

Cameras help add to your security, so even if there are cameras already installed outside your townhome, it is also great to have one inside the house. You can see everything happening in your home online either through your laptop or smartphone.

Smart Outlets

If you are thinking of saving on energy consumption, smart outlets are the best choice. One thing about the traditional power outlets is that they consume energy even when you are not using any of your electronics. All of this wasted energy can be saved when you use smart outlets. It has a remote control that allows you to control outlets using energy.

The energy-efficient smart outlets most times come with features to control your light switches. 

Robot Vacuums

Nobody likes cleaning, but when you have a robot cleaner you won’t need to do it. Robot vacuum cleaners come with smart technology that will complement your smart home.

It removes every dirt, debris, pet hair, and crumbs lying around your home. It saves you time on cleaning while you can focus on doing other things. The robot works fine and is easy to use without any need for special installations.

Smoke and Carbon Detectors

There has been an upgrade of the smoke alarm system. The older versions were mostly battery-powered and would usually make a beep sound when smoke is detected.

Now, the smoke and carbon detectors recharge themselves and also go beyond the beeping notification. If you install a smart detector, it will send you an alert on your smartphone when you are out. Most smoke detectors are connected with the smart thermostats so, it turns off your heating system automatically to prevent the situation from escalating.


It is easy to make a smart home. You will need to invest in smart devices and gadgets that would make living comfortable for you. You can navigate around your smart home with mobile apps and smart speakers. You can even get your pizza and groceries delivered with the help of Alexa or Google’s assistant. A smart home requires owning a lot of smart gadgets.

Most people think it is expensive investing in a smart home because they try to buy everything all at once. You can buy your smart devices gradually, and then take your time to make your own smart home.

However, if you’re still in the market for a townhouse, it would be great to look out for the ones that are easy to convert into smart homes. In Canada, for instance, MILA Townhouses provide great units with convenient amenities. It’s also in a prime location, so you’re just nearby shops, restaurants, public transit, and other entertainment options.

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