How to turn off power reserve on Apple Watch

If you own an Apple Watch, you may have noticed that your watch will enter a power-saving mode when the battery life begins to run low. This mode is known as Power Reserve and can be disabled if you wish. If you’re wondering how to turn off Power Reserve on your Apple Watch, then this type is the right guide for you.

What is Power reserve on Apple Watch

Power Reserve on Apple Watch is a feature that helps conserve battery life by allowing you to manually turn off power to your watch. When enabled, Power Reserve will keep your Apple Watch in an ultra-low power mode that only shows the time and a single indicator for low battery. All other functions will be disabled, and the battery will last significantly longer. You can use Power Reserve when you need to maximize battery life and don’t need the full capabilities of your Apple Watch.

How to turn off power reserve on Apple Watch

Turning off power reserve on your Apple wacth is easy. The only way to exit when you are in the power reserve mode is to restart your device. To do that,

  1. Press and hold the Side button for about 10 seconds.
  2. The watch will restart and the Apple logo will appear. 
  3. Keep in mind that if your battery is almost completely empty, you might need to charge the watch before it will restart normally.
  4. The power off reserve will be turned off after restarting your Apple watch.

How to turn on power reserve on Apple watch

Now, you may want to turn on your power reserve again after turning it off. Or it has already been off and you now wants to turn it on. Ideally, if your Apple watch battery reaches, 10% you will receive a notification asking you if you want to turn on power reserve. You can then follow suit and turn it on. But if you manually want to turn it on before your batter goes low,

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the watch. 
  2. Tap the battery percentage remaining button. 
  3. On the battery screen, swipe the Power Reserve button to the right. 
  4. Confirm you want to start Power Reserve by tapping “Proceed.”


Power reserve on the Apple Watch is a great way to extend your battery life when it is running low. However, there are times when you may want to turn off the power reserve to gain access to all the features of your watch, the process is easy to do After, your watch will be ready for use and you can enjoy all of its features.

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