How to unblock Spotify with a VPN

Spotify is a digital podcast streaming service that gives users access to millions of songs, videos, and other content, with artists from all over the world. The basic functions of Spotify are to play music for free, although you can upgrade it to Spotify Premium.

You can choose and listen to as many music genres as you want, build collections of songs, create your own radio stations, see what artists, fiends, and celebrities listen to, and so on. Spotify is the most used app in the entire world. In June 2020, Spotify reached 140 million active users.

Aside from its rise in popularity, Spotify remains unavailable in many countries of the world. It means that it will be impossible for many users to access Spotify, except they change their location physically. While this it’s impossible, the location of a user can be changed virtually. 

Why is Spotify unavailable to you?

Spotify remains restricted in many countries across the world, which is also called geo-blocked. It basically means that Spotify will need a license to play in your area. It’s mostly because of the copyright laws. Unfortunately, many countries don’t have this license – to beat the geo-blocked content, you’ll need to use a virtual system to be able to change your location.

For this reason, you need to use a VPN. It will help you enable geo-blocked content in many countries, tricking them into thinking that you are already there. So, you can access your Spotify as much as you like. See a list of good VPNs for Spotify here.

How to unblock Spotify and listen to music everywhere?

Fast and reliable services make it number one worldwide. VPNs is certainly one of the most trusted and used providers out there. It’s easy to set up with its simple and nice design, making it every users’ favorite.

This helps you access Spotify no matter in which part of the world you are. Besides, it has tough security options, more than you can ask for, and it’s available to all users. 

What’s a VPN and why do you need one?

As already mentioned, a VPN is a software that was designed to provide users with online privacy. VPNs make a hacker’s life hard, by anonymizing your location and online activity. You can use a VPN for many other things, whether it’s for increasing internet speed, or accessing blocked streaming services in your country. After analyzing what VPNs offer users, you can honestly say that they’re super easy to understand and use. 

Here’s a short guide that will teach you what can a VPN do for you:

  • VPNs encrypt data you send on the internet
  • VPN’s masks your IP address
  • VPN’s block certain malicious websites, trackers, and ads

When you connect to a VPN server, all of your data is encrypted. It means that nobody will see your online activity, and not even the ISP (internet service provider). You ISP will not control your speeds, which is often happening if you’re playing games or streaming. 

Websites, and streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, usually use your IP address to determine where you are located. But with a VPN, the website you’re accessing will only see the VPN’s IP address, not your real one. Therefore, your IP address is hidden, so is your real location. It’s important to use a VPN if you want to bypass geoblocks. You’ll freely access shows, movies, or games across the world, and browse through the internet with no restrictions. 

Last, but not least, the most important feature of a VPN is that it can block malicious websites. These websites can trick you into downloading malware onto your device, without realizing it. Also, ads and pop-ups can be malicious, infecting your computer with viruses. You can protect your data with a VPN.

Why you need a VPN for Spotify

Using a VPN for Spotify is significantly important, as this can effectively keep your data safe and secure. If you want to listen to music on Spotify everywhere, you can use VPNs – the app is compatible with most devices, including Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, and many others. This way, you’ll have free access to your connection provider, regardless of your location. It will also allow you to connect to 5 devices at the same time. 

VPNs don’t come with a free version, and even if they do, a paid version will be more reliable to you. Also, you can use the free-trial period, although it comes with a 30-day return of the cash guaranteed. It means that if you decide that VPNs don’t work for you, you’ll get your money back. Also, for more questions, you get a 24/7 customer service that will relieve you of any curiosity you may be facing with the system.

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