How to Use CoinCola to buy Bitcoin in Ghana

About CoinCola

CoinCola is the global cryptocurrency trading marketplace and exchange, which provides P2P trading, gift card trading, spot/margin trading services…here in Ghana.

It is the best marketplace you would ever imagine or think of. CoinCola is a platform for both vendors and individuals(Peer-to-Peer) willing to make personal trades.

Just like other platforms, they also gather legit vendors who are willing to buy and sell gift cards ( like Google Play, Amazon card. Steam wallet, iTunes, Sephora, eBay, American Express, etc…) and Cryptocurrencies.

What does CoinCola Platform Really Do for Ghanaians?

CoinCola is a platform like Paxful and Binance, but on CoinCola you can buy almost all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin with Ghana Cedi.

Also, on CoinCola you just don’t trade, you can also earn money from using CoinCola as well as which sounds interesting.

Thus, by referring your friends and families to sign-up through your referral link or referral code. And with every affiliate, you refer to CoinCola you are going to earn 30% of their escrow fee on every trade they complete.

On CoinCola, you are allowed to buy and sell Bitcoin with Ghana Cedi through popular money transfer mediums in Ghana like Vodafone cash, MTN mobile money, Chipper cash, Airteltigo, Bank transfers, Perfect money, etc…

How to Access CoinCola (Through Web & App)

Everybody can access CoinCola’s platform from anywhere and on any device, whether a mobile phone ( Android or iPhone) or a P.C (Laptop or Desktop)

CoinCola also has a well-functioning App that is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. This means you can download the “CoinCola App” through these.

Individuals willing to use a P.C thus, either a laptop or desktop can visit CoinCola’s official website and start trading right away.

CoinCola Official Website: 

Go to [App Store] or [Google Play], search for “CoinCola” and download it.

How to Create a CoinCola Account

To perform any type of trade on CoinCola you need to create an account first. Creating a CoinCola account is simple and easy, you need not be a pro to get it done. It will take roughly 2 mins of your time to create a CoinCola account.

Another amazing thing about CoinCola is, you can choose whether to create your account with:

  1. Valid Phone Number or,
  2. Valid Email address

After choosing any of them you prefer, you will have to verify your email or phone number, then add a logging password and payment password, so that your account will be created successfully.

After creating your account, you can start trades and also choose to verify your identity if you want to.

Mode of Payment Available on CoinCola for Ghanaian Residents

There are lots of payment options available on CoinCola including the most popular money transaction medium MTN Mobile Money. Below are some of the modes of payment on CoinCola:

  1. MTN Mobile Money
  2. AirtelTigo Cash
  3. Vodafone Cash
  4. Bank Transfers
  5. Perfect Money Transfer

Remember there are lots of payment methods so don’t worry if you don’t see one you find it favorable here.

How to Buy Bitcoin on CoinCola in Ghana

After creating your account you will be allowed to perform every trading activity you are willing to. Follow the below step-by-step guide to buying Bitcoin on CoinCola with Gift cards or any mode of payment.

Navigate to the OTC page and select the country of “Ghana”, click “Buy”

Find a vendor to trade with:

Just like other platforms, a list of offers from various vendors is going to the dropdown. Glance through and select the one you wish you want to get into trade with. Remember on CoinCola, you can also choose to first check the number of trades and ratings of these vendors before you get into a trade with them.

After finding the vendor you are willing to trade with, you then click on his/her offer to start trade with him/her.

First, text the vendor and then wait for a reply. After that, you can go on and make payment whether it is through any mode of payment you wish.

After making the necessary payments, your bitcoin will be released to your CoinCola account.

Following the above steps, you will successfully buy your bitcoin on CoinCola within few minutes. Also, remember CoinCola will be serving as an intermediary, bitcoin will be moved to escrow as soon as you get into a trade with any vendor.( There are no scams or fraud here)

Now, CoinCola has an ongoing campaign for sign-ups in Ghana. After signing up, you will receive coupons up to $100 as cashback from your first complete trade as a bouns.

>> Sign up CoinCola account to join in this campaign.

Below are the links in which you can get in touch with CoinCola on all their social media handles and links to download the CoinCola App.

Download CoinCola App and trade instantly:




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