How To Use DHL To Send And Receive Parcels In Ghana And Their Shipping Rates

DHL is a service used in sending and receiving of courier, Parcel and express mail. It was founded in 1969 and has since become the worlds largest logistics company currently operating in over 220 countries.

DHL comes in mind when you want to send a parcel or anything that you want it to be delivered fast.

DHL Has Three Domestic Shipping Methods:

  • UPS Ground takes 3-5 business
  • UPS Second-Day Air takes 2 business days.
  • DHL International Expedited takes I business days.

Whiles DHL international standard shipping takes 1-3 weeks.

And DHL International Expedited takes 4-12 business days.

Days taken for your product to be delivered depends on your country of origin and the destination you are sending to.

How To Send Parcel From Ghana using DHL

If you want to send a Parcel from Ghana to any part of the world using DHL, follow the steps below:

  1. Wrap and label your product
  2. Visit the DHL Office
  3. Wait for your customs check and questioning.
  4. Choose your shipping method
  5. Weigh parcel and pay for it to be sent

Now let’s break these steps down for you.

Wrap and label your product

The first thing that you need to do is to wrap your product and label it, at the back of the product, you must write the following details of the receiver:

  • the receivers name
  • postal address
  • zip code and
  • telephone number

The front of the package should contain similar information, but about the sender.

Most DHL offices will take this information from you at the point of taking your parcel and print it on a label on the parcel.

Visit the DHL Office

Head over to any post office near you and visit the parcels office, in my town DHL have a separate office but I don’t believe its the same everywhere. A simple Google Maps search will direct you to the nearest DHL office around you. It is good practice to give them a call before heading there.

Wait for your customs check and questioning.

In Ghana, a customs officer will come for your product and inspect if the product you are sending does not contain anything that is prohibited or that will tarnish the image of the country, after doing the checks you will be given the go-ahead.

Choose your shipping method

You will then be asked to specify the product you are sending, the destination of your product and the cost involved or the cost of that product and lastly the shipping method you will want your product to be transferred in.

Weigh parcel and pay for it to be sent

After asking all this he or she will take your product and weigh it and then tell you the amount to be paid for your product to be sent. After paying, he or she will print a receipt for you containing your details and the receiver details and the product tracking code, which you will use to track the status of your product.

How To Receive A parcel In Ghana

  1. The first thing you need to have is the tracking code of the item you are about to receive. So if your relative abroad has sent you an item using DHL, then she or he has to send you the tracking code of that product.
  2. The second thing you need to do is to track the product to know its status if it has indeed arrived.
  3. Now head over to the DHL head office in your Region with your tracking code and national ID card.
  4. Provide your name, the item sent to you and your tracking code, the worker will then validate and if everything is correct, your product will be given to you. After that. you will sign to prove you have come for it. After you have received your product, the person who sent you can be able to see if indeed you have received using the tracking code, as when he or she tracks it, it will be notified that it has been picked up by the receiver.

DHL Shipping Rates In Ghana

When sending a product using DHL, you are charged based on the weight. Here is a table of the prices:

Weight of item Price to send via DHL
11b GHS 164.50
51b GHS 329.29
101b GHS 427.96
201b GHS 1664.53
301b GHS 1985.11


If you want to send or receive a parcel in a fast way then DHL is the best service for you, in this article we went through how to send and receive a parcel from DHL and its shipping rates in Ghanaian cedis. Have you sent or received a parcel from DHL before? let me know in the comment section below.

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