How To Use Google Keep To Save Notes Forever

Google keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. It can be accessed on the web and available for Android and IOS.

Just as the name sounds, sometimes something crosses our mind while walking or even having a conversation, by the time we realize then we forget exactly what it was that crossed our mind.

Google keep is available to solve that forgetfulness problem. Once something crosses your mind or you need to note something down for later, you can access Google Keep and jot them down.

Anytime you need to cross-check what you wrote to Keep, you can access it and be in the know.

Below are some highlighted features of Google Keep:

Taking Voice Note

Once you hit on the microphone icon to record voice notes, Google Voice automatically transcribes your audio. For example, when searching for a note you saved in Keep, whiles recording, Keep will transcribe your audio in the form of text. Interesting huh!

Collaborate With Others

When working on a project at the workplace and the project is broad that it exceeds the working hours, while at home, you can add team members in Keep and continue your project virtually.

Set Reminders

By setting reminders, Keep will remind you of tasks that you have set reminders for. For instance, when you saved a location and set a reminder for that specific location, once you get to that location, Keep will remind you of the location.


You can add photos to notes in Keep and add to texts. A mixture of texts and images makes Keep unique.


You can organize your notes in the form of lists or a grid. You can always drag and drop to rearrange your notes anytime.

Keep is user-friendly. It has a lot of customization features that let you be in control

With its a clean interface and easy use, it makes note-taking very interesting.

Today, am going to show you how to use Google Keep to save notes on your android forever.

As I already mentioned, Google keep is a product of Tech giant Google. Google keep works with your Gmail account.

Just like a mobile phone, when your phone gets missing and it was configured with Google account, once you buy a new phone, all your synchronized files will be restored to your new phone.

Google keep works in conjunction with your email account. It automatically Syncs your notes to cloud storage using your Google mail. The notes can be accessed anytime anywhere, by installing the app and logging in with the same email used for synchronization.

To access your notes on your Laptop or PC, visit and sign in with your email account. All your notes will be accessed.

Using your email account with keep on your android device will save your notes forever and can be accessed any day.


As humans it’s natural to forget things always, keep is there for us to remember and save notes important to us.

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