How To Use Jobberman To Apply For A Job In Ghana

Jobberman Ghana is an online career seeking portal which offers job search and job alerts to people in Ghana when you register and subscribe to their service.

The internet offers many opportunities online including job searching, Jobberman does just that to its members.

Once you create an account on Jobberman and fill in your profile including your Career preference, Jobberman will do the rest by sending you alerts on your matched job preference.

Below Are The Steps To Follow To Apply For A Job In Ghana Using Jobberman

  • Firstly, visit Jobberman’s website ( and choose Signup.
  • Select the Job Seeker signup option.
  • Fill in the required personal information and work information. Upload your C.V if it’s ready. Tick the options (I would like to receive top jobs and career tips and sign me up for job alerts).
  • Click on signup. After signup complete, go to your email and verify your signup to complete the signing up process on Jobberman.

After going through all these steps, your account will be accessible and ready.

Go to your account and select the Career profile option to fill in the full profile details.

The career profile details include About me, Work experience, Education, Language, Profile photo, Upload Cv, Preferred job function, Preferred location, Salary Expectation, Work type, and Professional Headline.

Once you are done with all these, your account is great and ready to apply for your career jobs.

To search for a job, the Find A Job bar is where to head to. Choose your Job function, Industry and Location. Jobber man will search for all the available jobs in the location you chose.

Once you find your Job of preference, Open and Apply. When applying, you would have to type in your cover letter. As for your CV, since it has already been uploaded, select the option (use my profile CV) and hit on Apply Now.

Jobberman will also send you job alerts under your Job function and Industry right in your email so you don’t miss applying for your dream career job.

Many people have used Jobberman in applying for their Career jobs and are now employed in their respective industries.

Once your cover letter and CV are professionally made, there is no way you will miss that dream job. If you can’t fill your own CV and write a Cover letter professionally, hire the services of a professional to write you one.

Jobberman offers the services of experts to make a professional attractive CV’s to attract employers at a fee. You can hire some there for a better CV.


the stress of going around companies just to tell them you want to work there is one difficult thing to do, also finding a job to do nowadays in Ghana has become a very difficult task.

In this article, we looked at how to apply for a job on Jobberman Ghana’s website to get your dream job.

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