How to Use MTN to Buy Credit for Other Networks in Ghana

When you have multiple networks on your phone, you can sometimes find yourself in a situation where you need credit from one network, but only have credit from another on your phone.

Fortunately, if you use MTN, there’s an easy way to fix this problem. You can do so using a USSD method or via Mobile money. In this article, we will take you through both steps for you to be able to have easy methods to transfer airtime from MTN to other networks.

MTN Ghana

MTN is a telecommunications company that operates in many countries around the world, including Ghana. In Ghana, MTN Ghana provides mobile phone services and also has a mobile money service called MTN Mobile Money.

You can use MTN Mobile Money to send money to other people, pay for goods and services, and also buy credit for other networks.

Can I use MTN to buy airtime to other network?

Yes, you can use MTN to buy airtime to other networks. You can use ME2U option or you can do so via Mobile Money.

How to Use MTN to buy credit for other networks in Ghana

Method 1

  1. Dial *234#
  2. Select #1 ( Buy Airtime).
  3. Choose the network you are sending the credit to.
  4. Type the recipient mobile number.
  5. Type in amount.
  6. Choose option #1 (Proceed).
  7. Select your mobile money network.
  8. Wait for authorization payment popup.
  9. Insert your momo pin.
  10. Select option #1 (Yes)
  11. A message indicating you have successfully purchased airtime from your momo account will be sent to you.

Method 2

  1. Dial *718#
  2. Select #3 ( Buy Airtime/Bundle).
  3. Select #1 (Airtime)
  4. Next Choose #2. (Others).
  5. Select recipient mobile network.
  6. Input recipient number.
  7. Enter an amount.
  8. Select #1 to confirm.
  9. In the next pop up, type in your momo pin.
  10. Confirm momo pin and choose yes.
  11. You will receive a message indicating you have successfully purchased airtime from your momo account.


In conclusion, if you are looking to buy credit for another network in Ghana, you can do so by using MTN. Simply follow the steps outlined above and you will be able to purchase the credit quickly and easily.

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