How To Use Mobile Services To Transfer Money, Pay Bills & More

Paga is a name that is widely recognized both in Nigeria and in other African countries; it is a popular platform for mobile transactions, which allow its users to make payments, pay bills, transfer money and buy subscriptions by simply using their mobile phones. 

Although Paga has been in existence for quite a long time. It was brought into Nigeria in 2009 by Tayo Oviosu and starts operation fully in 2011.

Paga was founded in Nigeria to take advantage of the cash buildup in the system and also to create a platform that would make financial transaction and services available to all.

The relationship between the Nigerian banks and the telecommunication services has been awesome over the years, and this has given rise to many financial platforms like Paga, where a layman could literarily perform almost all financial transaction on a mobile phone.

With a platform like Paga, customers can easily deposit money, save money, transfer money, purchase prepaid phone credit, pay for a cable subscription, pay electricity bills and also make payments to retailers. It’s also possible to receive money sent through western union into your personal Paga account.

We have a lot of Paga outlets across every nook and cranny of all cities in this country, I could particularly count up to hundreds of outlets in my city of residence; these outlets have Paga agents who serve as ATMs to people in their vicinity, the agent uses his or her mobile phone to process transactions with a token to be paid to him as service fee.

Customers/users of Paga can be grouped into three different levels; level one customers are those that registered with a full name and a mobile number and are thereby limited to make a transaction of 50000 Naira or less daily; level two customers are those that registered with their full name, mobile number, full address and ID card details, these users could make a transaction of #200000 or less daily; level three customers could transact up to 5 million Naira per day and have two references and a credit check on file in addition to the information provided in level two.

How to Open a Paga Account

We have several ways of opening an account with Paga, we are going to be discussing four of them in this article.

  • Visit and click on the “get started” icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Visit any Paga outlets across the country and provide the agents with your personal information to get register.
  • You could also open an account on your mobile phone, just dial *242# and follow the instructions to register.
  • Download the Paga mobile application on google play store or IOS store, select “sign up” and follow the instructions to get started.
  • You could also upgrade your account to other levels using any of the methods above

How to Perform Various Financial Transactions on Paga Platform 

There are many methods that has been made available to perform various transactions on Paga, these transactions include sending money, requesting for money, withdrawing cash, paying bills and others.

Explained below are the steps involved in performing financial transactions on Paga:

How to Perform Paga Transactions Using the  Official Paga Website –

  • Go to
  • Sign in If you already have an existing account; you could simply signup of you’re new to the platform.
  • Link your bank account to your Paga account by simply using your ATM card, fill in the details required.
  • Deposit the amount you want to transfer to your Paga wallet.
  • Click on “send money” icon and fill in the transaction details, this includes the beneficiary’s mobile number, account number and the amount you want to send
  • Confirm the details you entered and enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

How to Perform Paga Transactions Using the Official Mobile App

  • After you must have downloaded the application on google play store or IOS store, simply enter your account details if you have one, or sign up if you’re new to the platform.
  • Simply deposit the money needed for your transaction into your wallet; all you need to get this done is your ATM card details.
  • Various icons that denotes the various transaction services would be displayed on the first page.
  • Choose the icon that depicts the operation you want to perform
  • Enter your PIN to finalize your financial transaction.

How to Perform Paga Transactions Using USSD

  • Enter *242# on your mobile phone
  • Your Paga account number will be made available at the right corner of your screen
  • Various options would be listed beneath your account number; these include, balance, send money, request money, pay bills, airtimes and so on.
  • Choose the option that applies to you and follow the Instructions that pops up
  • Input your password to finalize your transaction.


Aside the Banking transactions offered through the mobile payment application and websites, there is also a Paga checkpoint payment platform that business owners and merchants can integrate on their own websites; clients of these businesses also have the option of sending and receive payments through Paga mobile services and agent outlets.

Many customers and business owners across the country are rapidly adapting to emerging inventions that are making financial services accessible to the growing population at almost no cost.

There are certain measures that have been put in place by Paga to protect its users from been scammed; one of such measures is answering various security questions before accessing your Paga account on a new smartphone, there is also a personal PIN to be inputted by users before any transaction is finalized.

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