How To Use The Whatsapp Status Saver For iPhone

Today’s digital world has redefined the way we see and interact with each other.

Some decades back, you either had to call someone on phone or text them via SMS in order to get to them or pass information to them.

Today, things have changed. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his team, there’s Whatsapp Messenger with which we can send and receive instant messages from around the globe.

What’s more interesting about this beautiful instant messaging application is that you could share images and videos of daily happenings, as they happen. This is made possible by the Status feature.

With Whatsapp Status, you can upload as many images and 30-seconds videos as possible and share with all your contacts. Once they click on your image in their status column, they get to see all the images and videos you’ve shared with them.

Unfortunately, Whatsapp doesn’t have an option where people can actually download the videos and images they see on their Whatsapp status. So, you can only see the video and picture on Whatsapp without having them offline in your gallery.

Well, this has been a headache to many people especially those using iPhones. For the android users, they could download the unofficial versions of Whatsapp which have such features for downloading status.

In this article, I shall teach you how to install Whatsapp Status Saver on your iPhone and how to use it as well.

And no, for those sceptic ones who think you need to Jailbreak your iPhone to have this kind of app on your iPhone, you should calm your nerves already. We don’t need that for the method I’m about to teach you. Interesting right?

Using Buildstore To Install Whatsapp Status Saver On Iphone

As indicated in the introductory paragraphs, it is very unlikely for you to get a software that allows you to save your Whatsapp status directly on your apple AppStore.

However, there is a legitimate way to get past the apple store and still install any application you like on your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

This platform is called Build store. So first of all, before you install and use the Whatsapp Status saver on your iPhone, you need to have an account with build store.

Registering On Buildstore

To register on Buildstore for an account, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit and click on ‘Signup’
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your preferred password and retype it in the next box to confirm.
  4. Click on ‘sign up with email’.
  5. Open the new link in your iPhone’s safari browser and select your payment plan.

The payment plan is 19.99 USD per year. So select it and make your payment with your credit card or apple pay account.

How To Download The Whatsapp Status Saver

Once you have your Build store account setup and your iPhone added to your Build store account, you are ready to install the application for saving Whatsapp status.

However, before you begin the process, make sure that you delete any version of Whatsapp from your phone. That’s either the personal Whatsapp or Whatsapp business.

After successfully uninstalling your Whatsapp, follow the steps below to finish setting up your new Status Saver:

  1. Visit your Build store account using your Safari browser on the same iPhone you wish to install the app on.
  2. Then search for Whatsapp ++ on the page.
  3. When you finally get to the Whatsapp++ page, click on download and install.
  4. It works just as you download apps from your Apple AppStore so you should see the app being installed on your phone.

After downloading and installing the app on your phone, open it and register with your phone number just as you did on your normal Whatsapp application.

Make sure that you have the Simcard in a phone close by since you’ll be required to enter a verification code which would be sent via text message.

Once you’re done, voila, you have your new Whatsapp which comes with a status saver.

Note: The 19.99 USD/Year you paid earlier isn’t for the Whatsapp Status saver. It is for Build store which provides a wide range of applications which you wouldn’t find on the Apple Appstore. So yes, after paying that amount, you have access to all the applications available there for a whole year. If you look at the value provided, that amount is nothing to worry about.


Whatsapp remains the world’s most-used mobile application with Billions of people using the instant messaging app monthly.

Interestingly, many people watch Whatsapp status than they actually text and reply messages sent to them on the platform.

This means Whatsapp status is the most-used feature of this wonderful messaging application. This is evident in the fact that other social media platforms and messaging apps are beginning to adopt the Status feature.

Well, the sad part is that the status is meant to last for only 24 hours and you do not have the power to save anyone’s status except you take a screenshot or you use an external application.

In this article, I was able to introduce iPhone users to a legitimate and beautiful application which enables them to save their Whatsapp status without struggling to screenshot or Screen record.

I hope this article was helpful to you in your quest to find an application which helps you download Whatsapp status with no extra hustle.

If you have any questions, reservations or comments about this article, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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