How To Use To Find The Location Of Businesses In Nigeria

Vconnect is a widely known platform that helps in connecting local professionals with people that need their services; it was recently rated Nigeria’s largest online business directory and local search. There are a whole lot of services listed on Vconnect platform; it is confirmed that they have up to 1.5 million businesses listed on their website; these services include; event decorations and planning, repairs and maintenance services, beauty services, business/career services, logistics and so on.

The idea for Vconnectcame up in 2010, when Deepankar Rustagi finds it difficult to locate local Nigerian businesses online; he alongside some group of people began to collect information to form a database that would, in turn, help people to locate businesses in Nigeria online. Vconnect was finally launched in 2011 and has its headquarter at Singapore.

Vconnect has recently increased its activities by creating a platform that would allow business owners to connect with potential buyers around the world, the identity of these businesses could also be identified on this same platform using what is known as “take a pledge”.

There are several ways of searching for the location of businesses in Nigeria using Vconnect platform, four of these methods would be explained in this article.

Firstly, you will need to access the official website of Vconnect which is, then you could make use of one of the listed methods to go ahead with your local business search.

  1. Right on the first page of the Vconnect website is a common symbol that represents search
  2. Click on the symbol and enter the business or product of which location you want to find in Nigeria
  3. You can also enter your preferred location in the space provided below the search bar
  4. The page will load and then returns the results of your search, this will display both the product you search for and the businesses that sell that product.

If the search bar doesn’t return the results that suits you, then you could alternatively make use of the category search, the advantage of this search is that it helped streamline your search and make it easier for you to find the business you are looking for. All the available business has been grouped into different categories, such as education, shopping, engineering, health services, fashion and so on.

All that is required of you is to:

  1. Locate the “popular category” on the welcome page of the Vconnect website
  2. Select your preferred category, this will display a lot of businesses that are in the category you selected.
  3. Select the business you most preferred from the available results.

Using Alphabetical Index

This is a more simplified way of finding your way through the business search, all you need to do is find the option for this search on the first page of the Vconnect website, click on it and check the alphabet that begins the product you are searching for to get the businesses that sells the product or offer the service you are looking for.

Using Curated Lists

This is the most interesting way of searching for businesses on Vconnect, it is also known as the featured business lists, it shows combination of businesses that is related to your search.

For instance, you could possibly find a list of “10 best cinemas in lagos” or the 5 best Amala joints in Ibadan”. Selecting any of these lists provides a curated list showing all relevant details that would interest you, these include, business names, full address, mobile number and website if available.

This method allows you to find what you are looking for faster and even easier, without having to go through the whole lists of businesses on the platform.


Undoubtedly, a lot of similar platforms has emerged but the truth is that none of these other platforms can be compared to Vconnect as they have tried to keep their head above the water all the way.

With over 1.5 million businesses in the database of Vconnect, it has managed to take the leading role in the local business search engine website. It also presents its searches very easy and the website is designed in a way that anyone could operate it easily.

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