How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

One of the social media sites with the highest popularity right now is Instagram. People prefer using it over other social networking platforms because of the advantages and privacy it offers.

You may also go live on Instagram so that your followers can join in and have a live conversation with you.

However, there are situations when you would choose to watch Instagram live in secret without the other person knowing.

In order to watch live videos on Instagram and learn more about Instagram live viewing online, read this post.  

Is there a legitimate way to watch Instagram live broadcasts secretly?

NO is the answer. While watching Live videos, there is no way to keep your identify a secret. The video’s broadcaster will be notified that you have seen it. You can watch live Instagram videos, though, using a few workaround techniques.

Can you watch Instagram live videos anonymously by changing your username?

If you want to remain anonymous while viewing the live broadcast, you can alter your username and name. 

  1. Go to the Instagram profile area and select “Edit Profile” to alter the username.
  2. After that, delete the current Username and type in the new Username.
  3. Change the Name in the same manner, if you choose.
  4. To save the changes, tap on the Right Tick icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Instagram now allows you to watch live videos without them knowing.

Can I see a video that has been stored as an IGTV video?

The aired video can be saved by Instagram as an IGTV video. After the live broadcast is over, the creator can save the video to IGTV. You may see a video that they have stored as an IGTV video without them knowing.

How can I watch Instagram live on a new account without anyone knowing?

You may make a new, empty account solely to watch these live streams in secret. However, you might need a new email address and cellphone number to validate the account if you want to register a new one.

  • Access your primary account and wait for the live videos to begin.
  • You can be informed when the next live video schedule is available, or you might have to check their account frequently.
  • Open your blank account and unblock that person after the live video has begun.
  • Then Watch the video in privacy.
  • Block the user when the movie is over and log out of the account.

Can I watch Instagram live using someone else’s account?

You may also sign into your phone using a friend’s or your family member’ ID. You may watch the video while keeping your identity secret in this way. If your family questions your request for their account or phone number, things might go south. So be prepared with your justification or get ready for lengthy arguments.

Every time a new video is posted, repeat this process. This is the quickest and safest method I could think of to answer my friend’s concern about how to watch Instagram live without them knowing, even if you have to maintain two distinct accounts. 

Utilize online services that let you use Instagram anonymously

You may watch Instagram live videos on several websites without the users’ knowledge. The app requests the user’s username before generating a random username for you. The live video may then be seen directly on the website.

However, I do not advise using this technique since, prior to displaying the live video, you will be required to perform a number of chores, such as viewing an advertisement or clicking on random links that take you to spammy websites. Many of us will find this kind of content lock annoying and don’t want it. So it’s best to stay away from such websites. You might use a different approach that was previously described.

Can I watch Instagram Live without a profile?

You must be signed in to an account in order to use Instagram and all of its features. In other words, there isn’t a legitimate method to view Instagram live without a user account. But you can achieve it by using these workarounds.

  • Here are a few hacks that will allow you to use Instagram without creating an account:
  • Using someone else’s Instagram account
  • If you are concerned about privacy, create an account using default information.
  • Use programs from other parties to access Instagram without creating an account. (not advised; to understand the problems, see the part above.)


It should be noted that there is NO OFFICIAL WAY to view Instagram live videos secretly. However, you may get around the same by using this guide. The above are some of the techniques that are most frequently used to watch Instagram live in secret.

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