How To Watch Instagram Stories Without An Account

Users may share pictures and videos with their followers using Instagram Stories, commonly known as Insta Stories, a feature of the Instagram app. These, however, only exist for 24 hours before being removed, unlike ordinary postings.

However, given how digital the world has become, some people would like to maintain their anonymity online. Recognize that browsing Instagram stories anonymously does not constitute prying into people’s personal lives.

Keep in mind that using the tactics of your Instagram rivals can help you obtain followers and consistently grow your popularity on the network.

This post covers all the essential information regarding reading Instagram stories as well as the tools that can make it easier for you to do so without creating an account.

View Instagram Stories using Third-Party Software without Having an Account

Fortunately, it is possible to access Instagram stories without a user account, but you must use the appropriate third-party application to do it.

In order to assist you with this chore, we have chosen the top applications for viewing Instagram Stories in an incognito manner and provided usage instructions for each.

1. Instagram Story Repost

Even though reposting Stories to your profile is this app’s primary function, it also has the advantage of being one of the top applications for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously.

These Stories may be downloaded to your phone in addition to being watched online. Even the material you submitted falls under this. Repost Story for Instagram is a fantastic choice for individuals who need to save a copy of the posts they upload to this social media platform, in other words!

It’s important to remember that the app does not keep your Instagram lives. Both Android and iPhone users may get this app!

2. Storiesig – Instagram story viewer

Storiesig is not accessible through an iPhone or an Android app, in contrast to the other ways to see Instagram Stories in an anonymous manner. If you want to browse Stories on your computer anonymously, this is the best choice!

It does operate similarly to the majority of the apps we have discussed so far. You may view the Stories you’ve shared by searching for your handle since you don’t need to link your Instagram account to the website.

You may even download this kind of footage to repost on your own Instagram Stories thanks to the quick and easy approach! Even the Stories highlights may be downloaded via Storiesig.

3. BlindStory

Due to its excellent capabilities, this program is well-liked by users. Some of these features allow users to download Instagram stories and watch them anonymously. Users may perform all of these in HD, and there won’t be any problems with the visual quality. Because it allows users to read material from the folks they follow, this app is simple to use. Furthermore, if you’re seeking for a certain user, it’s simple to do a search for them.

View Instagram Stories using the online tool without Having an Account


In comparison to other outside Instagram profile watchers, Mystalk is a bit unique. There is a tiny possibility that you will receive incorrect results from other websites since their profiles are loaded automatically based on your search parameters, especially if there are several accounts with a similar username.

You may enter your login into Mystalk just like with other services, but you can also select the right profile. You don’t need to be aware of the precise username because of this. Further, utilizing the person’s genuine name will also help you locate them (if they added it to Instagram).

  1. Visit the Mystalk page in your browser after it has opened.
  2. Enter the user name or the first and last name of the individual in the search field and then click the magnifying glass or enter key on your keyboard.
  3. You can select the profile you want to view.
  4. Under the username, you may read the stories in the profile. To find the one you want, scan through them, or look at every single one. In the lower right corner of the tale, click “Download” to save them to your smartphone.


Using StoriesIG, you may see and download Instagram stories on yet another straightforward and cost-free website. Regardless of your operating system, you may use it on a computer and a mobile device. To utilize it, adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Navigate to the StoriesIG website using your browser.
  2. Enter the “username” of the profile into the search field and then choose “Enter” or the double arrowhead icon to the right to continue. Inspect the username for any special characters.
  3. Below the username is a representation of the number of active articles. If there are any, scroll down to see them. Select “Download” if you want to save them to your device.
  4. You may see and download Instagram Highlights with the help of this tool. Once you’ve found a username, just click “Highlights.”


Another third-party plugin that lets you browse Posts, Reels, Videos, and Stories without signing in or creating an Instagram account is Dumpor Dumpor. In addition, there is a really useful feature of the ability to search using hashtags and locations. Keep up with me.

  1. Navigate to the Dumpor website using your regular browser.
  2. In the search field, type the username.
  3. Numerous profiles will be displayed to you. To find it, click on the link.
  4. Navigate to Show Stories by scrolling down.
  5. Decide the one you want to see next.
  6. Downloading the articles is another feature of Dumpor. To download them, simply choose the green download symbol in the upper right corner.

Can I still access my old Instagram Stories?

After an Instagram Story has expired, it can no longer be seen.

Does Instagram allow users to view the Story of a private account?

The answer is no. If someone has a private account, then only their followers may see their Stories. Without first creating an account and following that individual, you won’t be able to see them.

Can I check how frequently your Instagram story is viewed?

You cannot currently view the number of times an Instagram user has watched your Story.

How safe is it to use third-party software to view Instagram?

Utilizing a private Instagram viewer is generally secure. These websites can still monitor your activities and data, though. People who are concerned about their internet safety should definitely avoid using these tools or do the further study before choosing one.

Third-party websites pretend to allow you to browse submitted by private accounts, but then lead you to other pages that are frequently fraudulent. Even malware that might harm your device are sometimes found on these websites. Other third-party programs may occasionally connect to dangerous websites while displaying advertisements to support the developer.


Generally speaking, we’ve given you some of the greatest applications for watching Instagram stories in secret. Choosing the app that best meets your needs just requires reading this article.

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