How to withdraw your money from E-Zwich

The process of withdrawing your money from your E-Zwich account can be simple and easy with the right procedures. This steps will guide you on how to get an ezwich account as well as withdraw money from your ezwich account.

What is E-Zwich?

E-zwich stands for National Switch and Smart card payment system which is managed by Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement in Ghana. The card is mostly used in Ghana by government workers and especially students in the tertiary system to access their loans and service salary.

Why should I use this service instead of other services?

The system is easy and simple. Unlike any other visa or master card, you don’t pay any monthly charges for card maintenance and the withdrawal charges are very low.

How to create an E-zwich account

Creating an Ezwich account is very simple. The E-zwich system is mostly runned on the rural banks in Ghana so to make it faster in acquiring one,

  1. its advisable to visit any rural bank around you.
  2. Talk to the customer agent on seat and make him or her aware to neneeds e-zwich card.
  3. You will be asked to provide some few details including your name, number and your ID card.
  4. In just some few minute, you will be issued a card which you can use to receive, save and transfer money from your ezwich account to another.

Things needed to withdraw money from an E-zwich account

To withdraw money from your ezwich account, all you need is,

  • your ezwich card,
  • your mobile number
  • your signature
  • your finger print.

In recent times, some banks do require your ID card number as well but its rare in most cases.

How to withdraw money from an E-zwich account

Withdrawing money from an ezwich account is just as simple as withdrawing money from your mobile money account. There are two ways you can withdraw from an E-zwich. Using an E-zwich ATM or visiting the bank.

Using an Ezwich ATM

  1. Visit any Ezwich ATM with your E-zwich card.
  2. Insert the card and request withdrawal
  3. Confirm with your fingerprint and load your wallet if you haven’t.
  4. If you have, just go straight and pin in the amount you want to wuthdraw.
  5. In just some few seconds, your money will be delivered to you, then you take out your card and receipt.

Visiting the bank

  1. Visit any bank around you. Preferably a rural bank to make withdrawal faster.
  2. Get to any available teller at the time and made a request you want to withdraw from E-Zwich.
  3. A machine will be brought out for you to insert your card.
  4. After some few settings from the teller, you will be required to confirm your card with your fingerprint.
  5. You then mention the amount you want ti withdraw.
  6. In just some few seconds, your money will be given to you by the teller.
  7. You then receive your card and you sign and pen down your telephone number as well.
  8. Thats all for your ezwich withdrawal.

Do I need to pay any money before i can get an Ezwich account?

No. You pay nothing for an e-zwich account. Just vist any rural bank of your choice with your name, number and iD card and you will be issued an account.

Also, you don’t pay any money to withdraw. You will be automatically deducted when you make withdrawal just like it does happen when you withdraw from your mobile money account.


Wwithdraing money from your E-zwich account is as easy as withdrawing money from your mobile money account. If you need any E-zwich withdrawal assistance, read the procedures above.

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