ICGC goes Digital in Tithes and Offering Collection

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has introduced a new method for the paying of offering and tithes from anywhere via the use of a mobile app.

According to an advert on the official twitter handle of Joy News and Adom TV on Sunday, 29th July 2018, members of ICGC who are unable to attend church on Sundays can pay their offering through the online bill payment platform – ExpressPay.

Tithes are also accepted using the same mode of sending. This means that one does not have to be physically present to pay tithes or offerings.

The church members can easily send their money through the ExpressPay app to the church’s bank account. ExpressPay is available on the Web, Android, and iOS.

This has got people on social media talking. Some believe it is a good idea and find nothing wrong with it since we live in a digital age. ICGC, in fact, has a very strong digital presence with one of the best social media coordinated publishing in the country.

Others have also criticised the General Overseer of the church Pastor Mensa Otabil and the entire leadership for running the church like a business to make money instead of win souls.

The church takes full advantage of technological advancement as it also accepts donations through MTN Mobile Money and its official website.

ICGC also has a fair refund policy that allows donors to request for their money within two days of making donations.

Maybe, all Churches and organisations should look at such solutions since they are simple and offer more “accountability”.

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