Importance of Ghana’s Digital Addressing System to Governance

Digital Addressing is a modern and revolutionary approach to allocating addresses within a defined space with the aid of the latest geocoding technology available. This type of addressing is very robust as it stands the test of time irrespective of changes in borders and environments.

GhanaPostGPS is playing a major role in its collection of data that has been compiled and formatted into a virtual map and image. GhanaPostGPS embarks on an exercise that makes it possible to identify the location of a plot or dwelling on the ground by assigning an address using a system of maps and signs that gives the numbers or names of streets and buildings.

GhanaPostGPS is Ghana’s official digital property addressing system which ensures that all locations in the country are addressed. With GhanaPostGPS, every location has a unique digital address.

GhanaPost will be revived

The Minister for Communications, Ursula Owusu, believes that the launch of Ghana’s Digital Property Addressing System will boost the operations of the Ghana Post.

According to her, Ghana Post, which has in the last several years struggled with numerous challenges despite its prospects, will now play a key role in the roll-out of the addressing system.

“The inability to keep up with technological advances in the past bedeviled Ghana Post and almost killed it. Ironically, the technological advances of today have become the salvation and rejuvenation of Ghana Post, and this is what we are about to witness today [Wednesday],” she said at the launch of the system in Accra on Wednesday.

The launch of the digital addressing system is part of government’s grand plan of promoting effective governance through the adoption of modern technology.

Ursula Owusu remarked that the digital addressing system will unlock a new window into the area of modern technology for the country.

She added that the launch of the system will also help the country in the identification and registration of lands in the country, while banks will find it easier to locate their clients and borrowers.

Ursula, who had indicated at her ministerial vetting that her outfit will make the Ghana Post a profitable business, expressed her delight that the system, known as the Ghana Post GPS, is a partnership between a Ghanaian firm Vokacom, and the Ghana Post.

Ghana Post is a national communication and financial agency with nationwide coverage that has served its purpose for more than 5 decades.

In spite of its previous successes and dominance in the communication sector in the past, the company is currently struggling for relevance due to competition from private telecom companies, courier agencies and internet service providers.

Ghana’s Economy is on a way to be fully formalized

Processes to formalize Ghana’s economy have been given a great boost following the launch of the digital property addressing system in Accra on Wednesday.

This is the belief of the management of Ghana Post, who are partnering a Ghanaian company, Vodakom, and the Ministry of Communications to roll out the system, known as Ghana Post GPS.

The new Digital Address System, which generates unique postcodes to identify various locations in the country, gives the “business [Ghana Post] the opportunity to easily reach all Ghanaians and connect with all government agencies and other corporate networks.”

Ghana Post in a statement copied to said the development will “transform and formalize the economy.”

“The National Identification Project is the second most important process of formalizing the economy. The digital address is a key requirement for registration of citizens and residents. Digital Addressing will now be the single most important tool for all citizens to locate government departments, business partners, friends, and relatives accurately and quickly. This new addressing system will change the way we do things forever, and will, therefore, lead to a formalized economy as well as change the entire business landscape,” Ghana Post said.

President Akufo-Addo at the launch said the government is committed to ensuring that the system is sustained and serves its purpose in enhancing business operations and facilitating the delivery of essential health and security services across the country.

The management of Ghana Post said every location in the country had been addressed digitally with unique codes.

“The Addressing system is nationally integrated, and it will house a comprehensive database of all properties in the country.”

“The new Post Code Range is based on the regional telephone codes used by the erstwhile Post & Telecommunications, where 02 was for Greater Accra, 05 for Ashanti and 09 for Volta, etc. Ghana Post by this has set the stage for commercial focus for the country.”

“The location system comes with all the necessary security protections including but not limited to a privacy policy protected by the Data Protection Act 843, fortified architecture, various access level controls, and an inter-ministerial data privacy committee that will monitor and ensure the security of the entire system,” it said.

The management of Ghana Post further urged the public to patronize its services as it works to bring “efficient product and services to the doorstep of Ghanaians through the digital addressing system.”

How to Download GhanaPostGPS

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The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Web Platforms to all and sundry with the most basic knowledge of use.

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