Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

You may want to think twice before canceling your appointments because an oral checkup is not just about teeth cleaning and cavities. 

various studies have proven the association between a person’s oral health and overall health. Dental appointments are not made only when you have dental problems that need to be addressed. Experts say an appointment with a dentist may help you detect the early signs of disease before you even notice symptoms. So the cancellation of dental checkups should be answered with a resounding “NO”. 

We will examine, the various reason why it is important, not to skip dental appointments.

1. Detection/ discovery of oral cancer

During the checkups the dentist will look for the sign of oral cancer even though detected at an early stage oral cancer can be cured through treatment, if not it can develop into a life-threatening illness. through the VELScope Cancer exam dentist can discover the early signs of oral cancer. With this exam, a patient who does a regular dental checkup has little chance of developing late-stage oral cancer.

2. Good Oral Health 

Recent studies suggest the association of periodontitis with the development of cardiovascular diseases. it found the presence of bacteria that causes periodontitis and the thickness of blood vessel wall in the heart diseased patients. however, more research and studies are required to establish the clear correlation between gum disease and heart disease the regular dental check-up may reduce the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. 

3. A whiter and Brighter smile: 

The regular checkup and cleaning could help to remove the stain originated from drinking different beverages and medications, results in a whiter and brighter smile. A brighter smile would boost one’s self-confidence. 

4. Detection of health issues

Dental check-ups also include examination of the head and neck while this may sound weird, the dentist will always discover the signs of potential illness through checking lymph nodes, neck, and jaw for swelling, lumps, deformities, and any other signs or symptoms of illness. if the problem is found the dentist will refer the patient to the respective medical professional.

5. Avoiding bad breath

Gum disease, bad oral hygiene, and food lodged in the corner of the mouth cause bad breath. Daily cleaning of teeth along with regular check-up is the only way 

you can make sure you have good oral hygiene and thus avoid bad breath. 

6. Professional Cleaning

professional cleaning not only keeps your teeth clean but also ensures your gum and teeth are healthy. during the cleaning, the hygienist removes dental plaque, a colorless film of bacteria that causes cavities. if not treated/ removed at the early stage this can harden into calculus which reduces your teeth’ life span.for that reason, professional cleaning plays a very important role in maintaining your natural teeth. 

7. Saving and maintaining your natural teeth

Good oral hygiene plays important role in saving your natural teeth. Losing your natural teeth can cause problems as such as discomfort while eating, bite misalignment changes, speech, and older appearance. bad oral hygiene usually leads to plaque, more hardened plaque will destroy supporting bone as the plaque moves further into the roots of the teeth few more tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Brush before you sleep: Despite the importance of brushing twice a day still most of us neglect it, but brushing before after bed is important because it removes all the germs that accumulated over the day.

Brush properly: while brushing twice a day keeps your gum healthy doing it in the right way is equally important. ensure you brush gentle and circular motions to remove the plaque.

Drink more water: Drinking water does help in boosting the overall health of your teeth. Drinking water after the meal can wash out the negative effect of acidic foods and beverages.

Reduce sugar intake and acidic foods: Excessive taking of sugar can wear away the enamel of teeth same as it with tea and coffee etc. while you don’t have to stop habits, it doesn’t hurt to be mindful about it.

consider using mouthwash: mouth-wash helps in preventing gingivitis and gum disease otherwise it would infect the dental socket and gums. mouth wash not only reduces the bad odor but also improves the overall health of your mouth.

Eat fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain fiber which is ideal for the health of your teeth. ready to eat foods are convenient however it is not. 

Now you have known the importance of regular dental check-ups, book your appointment in Qatar’s most trusted dental clinic.

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