5 Industries in Ghana Entrepreneurs can explore for Tech integration

It is no surprise that the world is moving towards an age where technology would replace paper and with the advent of 5G it may happen much sooner than expected. Maybe except Ghana.

We are so far back that we rejoice when the light comes back or when our taps flow.

Our supposed 4G network isn’t as stable as it is supposed to be and it’s not even nationwide and this hampers the integration of technology into our everyday lives.

But all that can change if we focus on harnessing technology as a tool rather than a means to access social media or just browse the web. Some particular areas that we need to focus on integration are discussed below.


Ghana doesn’t pay much attention to farming and that is why we import almost everything edible. The farmers who grow the crops feel cheated by those coming to buy it from them at their respective villages.

But an online market which connects the ordinary farmer to a ready buyer can solve almost all the problems Not only would we have an idea of how much food we produce on our own, but we can make projections on the data we have now and work on becoming a self-sufficient company.

It is not something the government would consider doing but any entrepreneur can make millions from.


The banking sector was one of the early adopters of technology and safe to say there are ATM’s almost everywhere.

But we seem to have stagnated at just that whiles the rest of the world has moved one to wireless methods of payment such as using your phone or watch or even just using your card to pay. Even though many of the malls and other big stores accept card payment, they are still a minority.

We need to work on a generalized acceptance of wireless payment into our everyday lives as it is often secure, simple and safe and this a great idea for a tech startup.


Everyone seems to have used one form of public transport or another and it isn’t an enjoyable experience especially during peak hours.

We have almost no indication of when “trotros ” might arrive and sometimes people can be seen struggling to enter one due to scarcity during that time. We could get the statistics of the various driving unions and then apportion adequate numbers of drivers at the right times.

With this, electric signboards may be placed at bus stops to inform people of the upcoming trips. Making the system electronic can allow for much improvement in the sector and tech entrepreneurs should view this area as the land of gold though much work would be needed.


“We don’t even have free accessible education what’s the point in infusing tech into education” someone might say. We need, as much as possible, to teach children how to correctly use the widespread of information we have at our disposal.

Whether or not we teach them they would learn how to do almost everything on their own so its best to teach. We could start by having digitized exams or even demanding some form of project work to be done online instead of the ICT exam they write on a piece of paper.

Entrepreneurs can take it one step further by offering coding classes or even specialized skills as a part of the curriculum.


Wouldn’t it be nice if every new hospital you went to already had your past history and could treat you better? Well maybe that is a little far fetched but the idea is fun to think about.

Our current health system is limited by the same limitations of paper. Misplaced file, miscommunication between lab technicians and doctors and so on.

Seamless integration of tech would not only better patient treatment but would provide enough statistics for research.

We need to move on to the next stage of technology as Ghanaians and entrepreneurs might be our next chance.

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