Innoson IVM G40 Review

The Innoson IVM G40 is the little version of the Luxurious Innoson IVM series, The IVM series includes the Innoson IVM G80, G60, and G40.

The Car looks a lot like a standard car but it a luxurious and has a more aggressive front and end with Innoson badges at the front and the rear with an IVM G40 badge, spare tire, and single exhaust pipes. This is just boring and ordinary stuff about this car.

This is no ordinary car, it might just be the best SUV car in the world produced by an African manufacturing Company. I’m going to explain systematically what makes this car good.


Definitely, a good suspension because the Innoson IVM G40 comes with a Front suspension – Independent coil spring and a Rear suspension – Non-independent, coil spring.

Innoson IVM G40 Review


  • Variant- 4×4 Length (mm)- 4350
  • Width (mm)- 1843
  • Height (mm)- 1837
  • The number of seats- 5
  • Engine Capacity – 4×4-2.4L
  • Front Suspension – Independent coil spring.
  • Rear suspension – Non-independent, coil spring.
  • Ground clearance – 210
  • Curb weight – kg 1830
  • Calibration Power (Kw)- 105/4800
  • Torque (N.m/rpm)- 217/4000
  • Capacity (L)- 2.378
  • Drivetrain – Front-engine, 4WD
  • Max. speed (Km/h)- 150
  • Fuel Type- Petrol
  • Fuel Tank Capacity- 80L
  • Color: Black.
  • 4×4-2.8L / Automatic / 5 Seats


The Innoson IVM G40 is equipped with dual airbags for safety, features power controlled seat-belts, and a sedan style interior design which is made to provide the highest degree of space and comfort.

Innoson IVM G40

It is equipped with ergonomic chairs that fit perfectly to the human body without stress. With a high-performance AC (air conditioner) system, the interior equipment is easy to use and can be adapted according to the passenger’s needs. It comes with the 4Gik69S4N (2.4L) gasoline engine which is mature and powerful with features such as low emission, high reliability, low fuel consumption and carries an electronic immobilizer system that enhances vehicle security.

The vehicle is a four-wheel drive, a standard wheelbase equipped with the latest ABS + EBD Technology. In dangerous conditions such as emergency braking, sharp turns, and slippery ice, the system provides ultimate control of the braking force of each wheel. The sophisticated engine torque protection system makes driving safer and more secure.


The Safety of cars has long been something each manufacturer has invested time and money and technology has come a long way into cars. One of the most basic safety features in this Innoson car is the ABS+EBD system.

ABS System

This system prevents wheel lock-up when you stomp on the brakes during an unforeseen situation. When Braking on wet surfaces, the ABS technology rescue the driver by Anti-locking brake system that prevents wheel lock-up on a wet sleepy surface or while Emergency braking, Sensors on each of your brakes check for wheel lock up and release then mash the brake disc’s in a matter of microseconds.

The ABS technology in this car also allows you to steer under hard braking while driving in monsoon, poor visibility condition and even bad weather could cause other motorists to brake suddenly in front, the ABS would allow you to change your lane safely against the vehicle in front.

Without an ABS in the Innoson, emergency brakes are slammed for too long and too hard, the chances of the wheels locking up are always a surety and when the wheels do lock, they will stop turning before the car can come to a halt and this, in turn, causes loss of the directional control of the car.

An Innoson ABS consists of four major components – speed sensors on each wheel, computer-controlled valves on each brake (on the hydraulic lines), a pump for restoring hydraulic braking pressure, and an electronic brain. When the electronic brain senses that any wheel is decelerating quicker than the others through the sensors, it adjusts the braking pressure of that wheel. This is done using the computer-controlled valves, which will be opened or closed, on the respective hydraulic line and prevents the lock-up. The pulsing sensation you feel when you brake hard with ABS is because of the opening and closing of the valves.

EBD System

EBD or Electronic Brake Distribution is the extension of the ABS. This is the system that checks the speed, acceleration, and deceleration of each wheel to estimate the amount of load on the wheels. The EBD adjusts the valves on the hydraulic lines of the brakes and distributes the braking force accordingly.

If a wheel is carrying more load, more force is distributed and if the load is less, so is the braking force. The objective of the ABS with EBD systems is to provide the driver with more steering control under hard braking situations and also to reduce stopping distances in some cases such as wet roads.


The Innoson Front Independent coil spring suspension is an automobile suspension system that allows each wheel on the same axle to move vertically independently of the others. This makes the vehicle react swiftly to any bump on the road while it contrasts with the beam axle or de-Dion axle system in which the wheels are linked – movement on one side does not affect the wheel on the other side.

The “Independent” refers to the motion of movement of the wheels or suspension. It is common for the left and right sides of the suspension to be connected with anti-roll bars or other such mechanisms. The anti-roll bar ties the left and right suspension spring rates together but does not tie their motion together.


The Innoson IVM G40 is no ordinary car, it’s a luxurious car meant to meet your basic needs from a car. It’s doesn’t give you the high class needs you to see in a Bugatti or Ferrari but it’s a car worth buying for yourself or loved ones during the celebration season. The IVM G40 has been designed and configured to withstand any pressure or challenges during bad conditions. It’s a top-notch car completely safe for driving. The IVM G40 is priced at NGN 17 million.

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