How To Install Channels On Your Multi TV Decoder

Multi TV is a privately owned satellite television station in Ghana. Multi TV offers varieties of programs including sports, news, entertainment and education in digital format. The satellite television is owned by Multimedia Group Limited and was established in 2009.

Multi TV offers more than 20 TV and radio channels and is present in over 5 African countries. Below are some active TV and Radio channels on Multi TV as at 2020.

TV Channels On Multi TV

  • Joy Prime
  • Adom TV
  • Joy News
  • DW English
  • Fire TV
  • Rock TV
  • Sweet TV
  • OB TV
  • Pent TV
  • TVT
  • Aseda TV
  • Ghana TV
  • Pan African TV
  • Cross TV
  • TV3 Ghana
  • ZTV Ghana
  • Fire TV 2
  • Precious TV
  • Royal TV
  • Kessben TV
  • Angel TV
  • Elijah TV
  • TV Xyz
  • Rhema TV

Radio Channels On Multi TV

  • Joy 99.7 FM
  • Asempa 94.7 FM
  • Luv 99.5 FM
  • Adom 106.3 FM
  • Hitz 103.9 FM
  • Nhyira 104.5 FM
  • Peace 104.3 FM
  • Citi FM
  • Atlantis Radio
  • Kessben FM
  • Angel 96.1 FM
  • New Mercury 91.5 FM
  • Fox 97.9 FM
  • Radio Lome
  • Radio Kara

Multi TV Installation Guide

The direction for the satellite of Multi TV points to East. When fixing your satellite dish, you must ensure that it points to the east since the signal comes from that direction.

The dish comes with an installation guide. Most at times, people offer the services of the dish installation but most people do it themselves. Multi TV has different decoders.

In this post, we are going to look at “how to install channels on your Multi TV decoder” on some of the various popular decoders available.

Syndicated Box Decoder

  1. Press Menu
  2. Navigate to Installation, and press Ok.
  3. Choose manual search and press Ok
  4. Press the green button on the remote to edit the frequency
  5. Select Modify and press OK
  6. Input 12522 and hit Ok
  7. Choose Polarization
  8. Press the Right Button on the OK to change to Vertical and Press OK
  9. Select SYMBOL RATE 27000
  10. Press On the BLUE BUTTON to save and exit OK to start scanning
  11. Move channel down knob to start the search
  12. Press OK to start scanning
  13. Press exit.

Strong Box Decoder

  1. Press menu and Press on the Right volume button
  2. Input 0000 as password
  3. Select MANUAL SCAN and press OK
  4. Press the RED BUTTON on the remote and select transponder ASTRA 3A/3B
  5. Press the GREEN BUTTON to add TP list
  6. Input frequency 12522
  7. Go to symbol rate and input 27000
  8. Change polarization to V or H to make the bars change to green colour.
  9. Press Ok to scan.
  10. Exit

Multi TV HD LI/HD Plus

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote
  2. Navigate to Installation
  3. Select MANUAL SEARCH and press OK
  4. Scroll down and select FREQUENCY
  5. Enter a Frequency number
  6. Move down and select SYMBOL RATE
  7. Enter a Symbol rate number
  8. On POLARIZATION, change to (V)
  9. Press Scan
  10. After the scan, you can go back and see the saved channels.

Digital Combo Decoder Vi/Combo Decoder T2/S2

  1. Press the Menu button on your Remote
  2. Navigate to Installation and Press OK
  3. Go to SATELLITE SETUP and press OK
  4. Select MANUAL SEARCH, scroll down and choose FREQUENCY
  5. Enter a Frequency number
  6. Select SYMBOL RATE
  7. Enter a Symbol rate number
  8. Change Polarization to (V)
  9. Start scanning
  10. Press exit after completion.

There are a lot Multi TV decoders out there of which I won’t be able to cover all but you can comment the type of decoder you use in the comment section and I will update the post to cover yours in future updates.


Scanning and installing of Channels in your Multi TV decoder are as simple as ABC. You don’t need the services of an expert to scan your decoder. In this post, I have taken you through some of the popular decoders available and how to search for channels in them.

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