iPRO Amber 5s and iPRO Amber 5s pro smart phones launched by MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana has launched its new smartphone dubbed iPRO Amber 5s and iPRO Amber 5s pro into the market. The smartphone which was launched 7 months ago,  according to the company has seen 15,000 pieces already sold.

This was made possible with a partnership with McFrim. The new MTN iPRO Amber 5s comes with a 3G internet connection speed whiles the iPRO Amber 5s Pro has a 4G internet connection speed. The device has pre-installed apps to give users an exciting experience.

With an amount of GHS 255. 00 and GHS 275.00 respectively, one can be able to purchase the iPRO Amber 5s and iPRO Amber 5s Pro.

Noel Ganson, on behalf of the CMO of MTN Ghana, said,  This new device also comes with a special reward from MTN to their customers who will make a purchase. Both devices come with free 1GB and 800MB data for six months and a free YouTube streaming for one hour every day.

He said, “Our vision to lead the delivery of a bold new digital world is in many ways made apparent through partnerships that lead to the introduction of devices such as the IPRO Amber 5S/5S Pro. Today’s launch marks another step towards the advancement of this vision, one that will make the customer’s life a whole lot brighter.”

CEO of MicFrim, Michael Frimpong, also said that MTN SMART which was launched in April 2019 came with some negative issue reactions from their customers. Thus, this new smartphone was specially designed to address the previous issues raised by the customers.

MTN iPRO Amber 5s and iPRO Amber 5s Pro come with an already installed MTN App, 1+16 internal memory, and MTK processors that give customers a fast speed browsing experience. He added.

He finished by thanking MTN and Stanbic Bank for their support and also urged customers to purchase the new smartphones for better device usage.

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