Is GES finally releasing BECE 2020 SHS Placement This Week? What should you do?

Breaking: Placements to be released on Sunday, February 21st. –

A lot of students who wrote the 2020 Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE) have already checked their results.

The results, which was released late, on 16th December 2020 have been fairly good and JHS graduates are now anticipating a new phase of their life — going to Senior High School (SHS).

SHS are part of the schools that are reopening — after they were closed due to the Coronavirus — after major stakeholder consultations.

SHS students going to SHS 1 are expected to report to school on the 10th of March 2021. However, no one knows for sure which school they are going to because placements have not been released yet.

Due to the lack of information surrounding the release of the BECE CSSPS Placement into Senior High Schools, the rumour mill has been very engaged.

Generally, the concession is that the SHS placements would come out in February 2021 with some even predicting that it will be tomorrow 16th February 2021. However, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has not released any statement to that effect.

The SHS Placements is unlikely to be released tomorrow. However, we are optimistic that it is released this month so that parents can prepare.

In fact, the GES in the statement has advised the general public to beware of fake news portals and rather follow the GES official social media handles on Facebook ( Twitter (@gheduservice), Instagram (@gheduservice), and the official website ( for credible information.

Is BECE Placement Out?

No. The 2020 BECE Placements are not yet out. The Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has however confirmed that School Placement will be out on Sunday, 21st February 2021.

Statement from the Ghana Education Service on 4th February 2021.

As of today, no new information regarding the release of SHS placement for the 2020/21 academic year has been made available yet.

What should you do as you wait for CSSPS Placement for 2020 BECE Graduates?

If you are a parent or graduate still waiting for placements to be available, you can take some steps now, so you don’t find yourself wanting when the placements are finally out.

Here are some preparations you should start making as you wait for the school placements to be out.

Get in touch with a Placements Card Seller so you can be among the first people to check

When the placements are finally released, there will be mad rush and the CSSPS system might even go down.

Some people might need to even do self-placement and might miss the schools they would have wanted.

To prevent these issues, it is good to know right now, who you will buy your placement checker for. We recommend buying from Sir Ike.

You can send them a WhatsApp message or Kindly call 0555475811 for inquiries.

Start buying things for school

First off, make sure you are enrolled on the National Health Insurance scheme with an active subscription, otherwise, renew your NHIS on your phone as soon as possible.

You need to start buying all the things needed for Senior High School. You need to do this fast because once placements are out, all the prices are going to shoot up.

Items that SHS students need to buy to school include a chop box, mattress, boarding shirts, some books and footwear.

These are items that all SHS in Ghana take as part of their prospectus.

Make a budget for first term/year at school

As a parent, you need to make sure that your ward has all the financial support they can receive while they are in school. It will be useful to have savings set aside for each term for all their needs.

This usually comes after you have bought everything needed for school.

Follow GES and other credible sources of information on the 2020 SHS School Placement

Also, remember to follow credible sources when the school placement comes out. You can send us a WhatsApp now and we will alert you when the placement drops.

Also keep checking the official GES handles as they will announce once the placements are out.

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