Is playing bingo via an app the new way to play?

Would you be surprised to hear that online bingo and app-based bingo are increasing at a rapid rate? 

Most likely not! 

Many people now have access to smartphones, tablets, and high-speed internet, enabling them to play their favourite bingo games on apps such as the winkbingo app wherever and whenever they want!

Bingo has been a staple of both online and offline gaming for centuries. 

But it didn’t start out as a slick game that can be played with a mobile device. 

Where did Bingo come from?

The history of bingo is pretty interesting. It traveled across many countries, and each added its own twist to it. 

It is believed that bingo first came to life in Italy during the 1500s. Originally called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. 

Played by groups of friends, it slowly traveled to France. Changing its name to Le Lotto, the French and its visitors enjoyed the game through the late 1700s. 

Over time, due to more people being globally mobile, Le Lotto landed on the shores of the USA. 

Rebranded as Beano, the idea became to cover the numbers called with a bean. During one game, the winner was so excited; she yelled BINGO! 

And so Bingo was born. 

Land-based Bingo Popularity

Bingo was so popular; it was even used in churches as a way to raise funds. There were hundreds of bingo halls up and down every country. 

Some bingo was played in town halls, others in churches, and eventually in purpose-built buildings. 

The purpose-built bingo halls were glitz and glamour-filled with long velvet curtains, comfortable seats, and bright lights. 

Serving up drinks and food to the players and allowing them to socialize during intervals. 

Then the internet revolution arrived, and with that, the rise of online bingo. 

The creation of the internet meant that traditional offline games transitioned online.

When did people start playing online bingo?

It is easy to forget just how long we have had the internet. It is estimated that online bingo was launched in 1996. 

The first bingo site ever launched is still around today. 

Since then, there have been thousands of online bingo companies offering us some fantastic prizes. 

People started to make the switch to online bingo for a few key reasons:

Online bingo focused on keeping the social aspect, which is one of the essential parts of bingo. 

Online bingo offered incredible sign-ups and great bonuses. Free bingo is also a possibility when playing online bingo. 

Online bingo is casual and relaxed. You don’t need to travel and can play from the comfort of your home. 

Mobile bingo application popularity

We all hold these incredible devices in our pockets, ready to play games, search the web, and make phone calls. 

More than 3 billion people own a mobile phone. It was recently found that roughly 210 million Americans play games on at least one type of mobile device.

It is easy to see that people just love to play games, and they love to play them on their mobile phones. 

Since the younger generations are the ones growing up with the internet, tablets and smartphones. They are the ones who make up a large percent of the mobile bingo app player base. 

The UK Gambling Commission reported that since 2017 more than half of online gamblers play their games on mobile devices. 

Bingo providers implemented responsive designs, and factored in user experience every step of the way. 

Research has found that more people are now using their mobile phones to play their favourite games.

What are the perks of mobile app based bingo?

You only want to take part in things in life that are going to be good for you, or give you benefits in some way. How you spend your ‘down time’ is important. 

When playing bingo online, what perks can you expect?

24/7 gaming power! Not everyone has a 9-5 job, and not everyone can make the bingo hall times. If you want to play at midnight, 4am or 11pm you can do so. Online bingo puts the power in the hands of the player.

If the weather isn’t on your side, it just doesn’t matter. You can curl up in a cosy blanket and play a game, or a few games of bingo with ease. 

You can take your game with you. If you have to wait in the car at school pick, or you have a long commute you can play bingo on your mobile. While online bingo is great, app based bingo makes it even easier. 

No deposit bingo options are everywhere. You can play bingo for free any time you like. 

Pre-buying your bingo tickets means you can just check in on your app through the day to see if you had those all important lucky numbers. 

You can expect to see a huge variety of games available to you on your mobile bingo app, and can try out new ones as they are launched. 

Extra bonuses at random intervals, daily specials, and extra offers. As well as VIP online rooms, and games. 

You can use the chat room at your discretion, so those who aren’t comfortable with social interactions can really benefit from online and app based bingo. 

Playing bingo via an app is gathering thousands of new players per day, because it just offers so much more to gamers. 

App based games are more convenient and give players way more games for their money too!

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