Is THC Contamination Responsible for the Side Effects of CBD Products?

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that CBD has a good safety profile. However, there are some side effects associated with cannabidiol. These can include:

  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite

The majority of side effects are mild. More serious adverse effects are extremely rare. There is also a strong possibility that CBD products that cause serious health problems have other issues. When you see CBD for sale, please note that it is a largely unregulated industry. You should only purchase the compound from well-established brands that include third-party lab reports.

Otherwise, there is no way of knowing what is inside. CBD products containing pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals could cause major health issues.

What About THC Contamination?

There is also a chance that THC could contaminate CBD for sale. In a study published in F1000Research in 2019, researchers tried to determine if CBD side effects were down to THC laced products.

They looked at 67 cannabidiol products, primarily from the German market. The majority of the items were CBD oils. The team found that 25% of the products contained THC levels above the lowest observed effects level. This is approximately 2.5mg per day.

The study went on to say that the adverse effects of some CBD products could be down to the THC and not the cannabidiol. It also pointed out that the sample collection contained a high percentage of products with issues like unsafe THC levels and non-approved health claims.

Certainly, there is evidence that THC could cause adverse effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth. However, at what level does it start to become an issue?

THC Dosage & Its Possible Effects

People who initially try cannabis are advised to follow a ‘low and slow’ approach. In general, a dose of 1 – 2.5mg of THC is enough for a novice to start with. It may result in increased creativity and focus. It is also unlikely to cause many adverse effects.

In general, it can take a dose of 5 – 15mg for users to experience issues such as altered perception and impaired coordination. Once you cross the 15mg THC threshold, the risk of adverse effects increases markedly. This is especially the case if you are an inexperienced user.

Once a person consumes over 50mg of THC in a single dose, they could have issues such as pain, nausea, and rapid heart rate.

How Much THC Would a CBD Product Need to Contain to Cause Adverse Effects?

We can anticipate possible side effects from CBD products with 5mg or more of THC per dose. Of course, what constitutes a dose of CBD depends on the user. In general, CBD users don’t use more than 50mg of the cannabinoid at once. This can change if you have severe or chronic pain or epilepsy.

In a 30ml bottle of CBD oil with 1,000mg of the compound, a 50mg dose of CBD is 1.5ml of oil. To reach the 5mg of THC per dose threshold, the bottle would need to contain 100mg of THC! Even if you used 100mg of CBD oil per dose, the bottle would need to contain 50mg of THC to reach the 5mg per dose level.

At the 2.5mg THC per dose level, a person using 100mg of CBD would only become affected if the bottle contained 25mg of THC. This is way above the amount that reputable CBD brands will allow in their products.

However, of course, it is possible if the CBD product doesn’t have a lab report. It can happen if the manufacturer uses a low-grade extraction process. Alternatively, they may extract compounds from poor-quality schwag cannabis.

Should I Be Concerned About THC Contaminating CBD Products?

The answer is ‘yes’ if you walk into an unregulated industry blind. It is essential that you only ever buy CBD for sale from reputable brands. Otherwise, the CBD products in question may contain more THC than you bargained for.

THC from high-quality cannabis shouldn’t cause problems if you only use a small amount. Adverse effects tend to begin at 5mg doses if you have a low tolerance. However, you could inadvertently fail a drug screening because you didn’t know the CBD oil you consumed had high amounts of THC.

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