J Initiative celebrates Safer Internet Day 2018 in all 10 Regions of Ghana

Here in Ghana, there are over 10 million internet users. The Internet has become an amazing force for good for young and old simply because it has made a tremendous impact on the lives of many people including businesses.

It has created lines of communication; driven innovation as well as growth.

The Internet has connected and provided a voice to many who hitherto may not have had the chance to be heard. Nevertheless, like any good thing, the Internet has evolved over time from the 1st Generation, 2nd, 3rd and now to the 4th generation where interactions and feedback happen in real time.

Just as these developments have taken place, risks have emerged online and now, certain undesirable behaviours, which would not be tolerated in real life, are being condoned or allowed to take place online.

Safer Internet Day is an event promoted by the INHOPE/INSAFE network and is celebrated every year across Europe and in other countries worldwide. This day creates the platform to discuss issues related to the safety and security of children and young people and anybody else involved in the virtual world. The global awareness day in 2018 falls on February 6th, 2018 and Ghana will be experiencing the fourth such celebration.

Safer Internet Day aims to not only create a safer internet but also a better internet, where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

Today, one of the Safer Internet Day 2018 celebrations took place at the British Council in Accra, as part of global Safer Internet Day, which is being celebrated in over 120 other countries worldwide. There were also celebrations in all 10 regions of Ghana with Community durbar in collaboration with the Department of Children and the Ministry of Communications.

In attendance across the country were  Government agencies and departments, Business Managers, SME’s, the private sector, civil society organisations, financial sector, and Cybersecurity professionals, schools and the public.

Safer Internet Day Ghana is being organised by J Initiative with the support from Safer Internet Day Ghana partners in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications.

Overall, the Safer Internet Day 2018 celebration today has put a higher demand on all stakeholders to do their best in protecting our future generations within the Cyberspace by deliberately designing programmes which could help them become good digital citizens first for their families, then mother Ghana and the world at large.

Remember; a better Internet starts with you and l.

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