Jumeni: Managing Your Waste Just Became Easier

Several tonnes of waste is produced daily across the globe. In Ghana, waste management is one of the major problems people are faced with.

Though there are some waste management companies scattered around the country, their strengths and abilities make it difficult for them to take care of all wastes produced in the country.

Here in this article, we introduce to you Jumeni, a company well vested in waste management.

What Is Jumeni ?

Jumeni is a Ghanaian company which helps waste management companies to deliver exceptional field services easily and more efficiently.

This company provides services to cover the customers, field operators, payment system and general management.

Customer Management Benefits Of Jumeni

Jumeni provides the following services to cover the customer management aspect of running waste management companies:

  1. Address verification using google maps or Ghana post services to ensure accurate locations of customers for easy service delivery.
  2. Access to customer contacts for bulk messaging and reminders regarding payment.
  3. Customer registration portals as well as referral systems.
  4. Feedback on performance.
  5. Customer portals to enable quick communication.
  6. Pickup requests to enable customers plan and request for pickup by the field workers.
  7. Bulk messaging services for the distribution of messages to customers.

Field Operations Benefits Of Jumeni

Jumeni offers companies some benefits as far as their field operations are concerned. They are listed below:

  1. Real-time route management to enable managers track vehicle and field workers and where they are at specific times.
  2. Quick and Dynamic scheduling to help assign drivers and other field workers to various pickup points.
  3. Mapping and navigation systems to enable management check locations, customer densities and pickup points.
  4. Jumeni field app ensures an easy and ultrafast distribution of assignments to field operators electronically to enable the office managers access data and other metrics quickly.

Payment And Analytics Benefits Of Jumeni

Jumeni has top-notch technology to provide users with payment systems that are trendy and easy to use. Also, it provides useful analytical data for its users via the following:

  1. A comprehensive billing system which enables automatic invoicing based on fixed rates per month or per pickup.
  2. The integration of electronic payments to reduce cost and time of travelling to settle bills. Using the web portal or the USSD code, one can make payment for their waste management service.
  3. A frequent payment reminder system to alert customers of amounts they may be owing and how soon they need to pay.
  4. A dashboard that reveals how much waste you’ve generated per pickup, per month or per year.


With Jumeni, there is less you can worry about as far as waste management in Ghana is concerned. With their perfectly designed user interfaces and features, just about anyone should be able to use the app or web portal efficiently.

You can visit Jumeni’s site today to find out more about their services or you can call them via 02025853279. You can also send an email via [email protected]. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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