Jumia Voice Competition ends today, see videos from the Competition

The long awaiting period of participation for The Jumia Voice completion is slated to end today. The Jumia voice completion begun on Friday, October 27th and was extended to November 30th, 2017 by popular demand to open the competition to all category of talents that can equally match up to the online battle and showcased their God-given talents.

Competition So far

According to Jumia Ghana, participation has been impressive so far and they would be ready to announce the winner as soon has assessments of all content is finalized.

The winner of this amazing competition still stands the chance of getting GHS 10,000 voucher, a trip to Dubai and an opportunity to perform on stage with artiste of choice.

How to join and win

It can’t be too late for anyone who would still like to participate. Jumia says be it rap, singing or spoken word, record your own rendition of a Jumia song using the Jumia jingle downloadable from here. Post your recording with hashtag #Jumiavoice on Facebook + Instagram + Twitter and tag Jumia Ghana.

Share post with as many friends and associates and invite them to like it and share it. The person with the most likes and reshares will be selected and rewarded. Jumia is bent on making someone’s dreams come true just as Black Friday promises to delivered the biggest discount.

Jumia Ghana has designed this competition for all individuals with talents who would like to challenge themselves in a very competitive environment. It seeks to empower Africa’s talents to reach the greatest height.

Don’t miss this existing opportunity to build confidence and get exposure through The Jumia Voice competition. For more information, visit Jumia’s  Facebook + Instagram + Twitter pages.

Check out some entries in the Jumia Voice Competition


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