Just how Popular is Mobile Gaming Globally?

There is no doubt that mobile gaming has become incredibly popular over the last few years. Technology has provided access to many more people, with smartphones becoming increasingly affordable. From app-based games to Pay by Phone casino offerings, there is so much on offer for players that it is no surprise it is a growing trend and multi-billion dollar industry that is still growing.

App Gaming

According to statistics collected by several sources, gaming apps are the most downloaded in both Google Play and the App Store. 25% of all Apple apps downloaded games, and android, this figure is not far behind at 21%. On average, people spend 43% of their time on their smartphones playing some kind of game. It has been predicted that by the end of 2022, 3,000,000,000 people will be classed as active mobile gamers across the world. It seems as if we cannot get enough of mobile gaming, and thanks to in-app purchases, the revenue from gaming is also increasing exponentially. At the end of 2021, it had already reached $175.8 billion, which is predicted to pass the $200 billion mark come the end of this year.

Lucrative Apps

According to figures released from the App Store, 3/4 of every dollar spent on app purchasing went specifically to mobile games. Mobile games are considered so popular because they are simple to access, anyone can play without any skill, and therefore they offer a quick entertainment value. This makes them perfect for waiting rooms, coffee shops, public transport, and many other scenarios. The range of games on offer is also pretty impressive, from role-play to puzzles, crossword, sudoku, action games and more.

So, what is it that most people play when gaming on the go? Statista discovered the answer from its survey in 2021. It found that in the United States, the top mobile phone game genres that took most of the iOS App Store revenue came from puzzle-based games, with a 21.18% share of the revenue. 18.9% of users like casino games, 17.17% favour strategy-based games and 14.23% are fans of role-playing gaming apps. Of course, only some games generate revenue, so including free-to-play games, the most popular genre was action-based games, and over 4.01 billion people downloaded apps from this category. Puzzles were still near the top 3.78 billion people making downloads from App Stores.

All Ages Enjoy Mobile Gaming

Statistics also show that all age groups and genres enjoy mobile gaming. More than half of all mobile gamers are aged over 34 years old. The average gaming age is 36, with a third of those who enjoy mobile gaming older than 45. More women play mobile games than men, with 55% female and 45% male. Women also spend more money on in-app purchases than their male counterparts. Predictions suggest that by 2023, 3.7 billion people will play mobile games worldwide, proving that it is a hugely popular pastime.

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