A look at Kantanka Cars In Ghana and Their Prices

Emeritus Professor Apostle Dr Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka founded Kantanka Automobile in 1994. He first started manufacturing automotive components.

The company is specialized in manufacturing on-road and off-road vehicles. The company also works as an assembly company with the purpose to manufacture and also assemble cars in Ghana and the whole African continent.

The first car that was manufactured by Katanka automobile was a CBU in 1998 and was using 75% of local components, it was also manufactured locally together with the engine block.

Kantanka also manufactured the first made in Ghana Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and they named it Kantanka Onantefo.

When you order for a Kantanka car, it takes less than 14 days for your new car to be delivered to you at your required destination.

Also with Kantanka you can customize your car and request it to be manufactured for you but there will be terms and conditions and according to Katanka automobile, this service is going to be available soon.

You might have been seeing Kantanka cars on your various roads and would be wondering, how much do these cars cost?

That’s why you are reading this article as in this article I am going to take you through Kntanka cars in Ghana and their prices.

Here are the prices of all the Kantanka Cars:

Katanka Car ModelPrice
Kantanka MensaGHS 120,000
Kantanka K71GHS 85,000
Kantanka AmoanimaaGHS 80,000
Kantanka OnantefuoGHS 170,000

The cars come with a 3 years warranty and also when you buy one of these cars, the price covers its DVLA registration and it will be delivered to you if you are inside Ghana.

What Services Does Kantanka Automobiles Do in Addition To The Manufacturing Of Cars?

Kantanka automobile does not only manufacture cars but also does a lot of services in addition to it and they are:

Maintenance And Servicing

The company also do the maintenance and servicing, and when you buy one of their cars and you want to do any maintenance or service on the car, then nobody knows your car better than the company that manufactured it.

They work on :

  1. Engine Air Filter
  2. Engine Tune-Up
  3. Radiator And Cooling System
  4. Spare Parts Replacement
  5. Oil Changes
  6. Air Conditioning
  7. Auto Electric
  8. Transmission


Thanks to Kantanka automobiles Ghana can now boast of manufacturing their cars. Now you can buy a locally manufactured car and then get it delivered to you within 14 days and also get 3 years warranty.

In this article, we went through Kantaka cars in Ghana and their prices, also we looked through how the company started and also the services the Kantanka automobile makes in addition to the car manufacturing.

So what do you think about the cars manufactured by Kantanka automobile?

Are you thinking of buying yourself one or you also have some money issues like me?

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