How To Know When Hisense Ghana is Running A Promotion

Hisense Ghana is one of the biggest electronic shops in Ghana. If you watch television often, then you have surely come across one of their television commercials which is usually made by Ghanaian actor and journalist Nana Ama McBrown. As their slogan goes, “everyday prices for everyday people”, their prices are always being adjusted for the everyday Ghanaian.

Per the overall satisfaction of many Ghanaians, Hisense Ghana indeed has the needs of their customers at heart since they are always running promotions to reduce the price of the products. Some of the products they have in stock are fridges, freezers, televisions, smartphones, washing machines, home theatre, etc.

Upon all the promotions Hisense Ghana runs throughout the year, it will be painful to miss out for even one second. And as your favourite tech site, we are going to show you how to know when Hisense Ghana is running a promotion so that you don’t miss out on anything.

How To Know When Hisense Ghana is Running a Promotion

Currently, there is no one way or method you can follow to know when Hisense Ghana is running a promotion. Instead, there are several strategies you can use to find out when Hisense Ghana is running a promotion for you to stay ahead of the others.

Follow Hisense Ghana on Social Media

Social media is like a community full of people living in different parts of the world but connected by a particular platform. Therefore, social media is one of the best places to get information, but since many people are there some of them also spread fake information. Hence, whenever you come across a piece of information on social media you must make sure the source is trusted and legit.

The best way to know when Hisense Ghana is running a promotion is when you follow them on social media. Following Hisense Ghana on social media is not going to cost you anything but will benefit you instead. When you follow them on social media, all their promos will be posted way ahead of time for you to prepare when the date is due.

Hisense Ghana is available on the major social media platforms i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube. On YouTube, all you must do is subscribe to their channel and then turn on the notification bell so that all new videos they release will be sent directly to you.

Watch television and listen to the radio

Do you remember the first time you heard of Hisense running a promotion in Ghana? Was it not on television or radio? I know over 80% will agree with me that the first time they heard Hisense Ghana running a promotion was either on television or radio.

Apart from social media, the other place most people spend their time is behind the television or radio. I know someone will ask if people still listen to the radio and the answer to that is yes. Can you mention all the radio stations in Ghana? Your answer will be no. I am not sure that even the minister for communications will be able to do that.

Back to the point, I was making, television and radio have a large audience and so most companies run their commercials there. To know when Hisense is running a promotion, I will recommend that you often watch and listen to all the major radio and television stations in Ghana, since that is where the commercials are mostly run.

Follow on social media and visit our site often

Very often, we always write stories and articles on Hisense Ghana when they are running promotions. Our writers are always on the lookout for when these promos are run and always report back to you our readers through our articles and news stories.

Therefore, it is good for you to follow us on all our social media platforms and visit our page often. Even when you follow us on social media, there wouldn’t be the need for you to always come to our site and check, since we share all our stories and articles on our social media pages. Hence, whenever Hisense Ghana is running a promotion, you will be informed ahead.


Promotions are organized by companies mainly to increase their revenue but at the same time, it helps customers to afford products at a subsidized price. It is therefore a good thing to always watch out for when companies are running promotions so that you can save money and still get your product.

Hisense Ghana is one of the leading companies known for running promotions all through the year. But sometimes due to slow access to information, people miss out on the promotions. This article however has shown you how to know when Hisense Ghana is running a promotion, so you never miss out on any of their promotions.

Who is the owner of Hisense Ghana?

Hisense Ghana is a subsidiary of Hisense Global and as such, it is not owned by anyone in Ghana. Instead, the Managing Director of Hisense Ghana Limited is Mrs. Dinah De-graft Quaye.

What is the biggest Hisense TV?

Currently, the biggest Hisense TV in Ghana is the 65-inch television.

Is Hisense a good brand?

As the official sponsor for the Euro 2020 which took place some months ago, Hisense is a good brand not only in Ghana but globally. Since its inception in Ghana, the brand has performed above the average benchmark and deserves to be credited as a good brand.

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