Kredittkort for Studenter: Can You Get It & How to Choose

Have you just now started your studies, and you’ve entered the world of supporting yourself financially? If yes, congratulations! This is a major step in your adult life and there’s no doubt you’re excited about it. Apart from being excited, though, you’re probably also a bit concerned, as well as determined to do everything the right way so that you don’t struggle financially during those years of study. Well, as long as you’re responsible with your finances, nothing like that will happen.

One thing you may have thought about when you became a student is getting a kredittkort for studenter. A nice idea that could be quite beneficial when you think about it carefully. Yet, a few things are bothering you here and making it difficult for you to take any concrete steps towards this. First off, you’re not exactly sure whether anyone is ready to issue a credit card to a student. And then, even if you find that this is a possibility for you, there’s a chance you’ll be worried about how to select the perfect card.

All important questions. And, getting your answers is certainly a must, because you can’t go any further with this process if you don’t have all your facts straight. Getting a credit card sounds like an amazing idea that would be quite helpful for you financially, so you want to find out if this is actually a possibility for you, and if yes, then you want to know how to do it right. So, let’s start giving you the answers.

Can You Get a Kredittkort as a Student?

I understand you might find it a bit unusual for students to have credit cards, so it’s no wonder that you’re unsure of whether this is even possible. The truth is, though, that there’s absolutely nothing unusual about this, meaning that you can stop wondering. The bottom line? Yes, students can get and use credit cards. Read more about that option.

There is a catch, though. Although, it’s not exactly a catch as much as it is a normal way of doing business. Put simply, the issuers will definitely have some requirements. Being old enough and having a certain source of steady income, as well as a decent payment history will, however, easily lead to you getting approved for this option. If you don’t meet those criteria, though, it might be best for you to wait until you do, and not to waste your time applying.

How to Choose the Right One?

Having realized that the requirements are pretty much straightforward and not that strict, you’ve probably found that you meet them already and that you can get kredittkort for studenter. If that’s your case, then you’ll now have to focus on selecting the best one for you. Plenty of different offers and different types of credit cards on the market, so making this particular choice certainly won’t be easy. Especially if this is your first time getting this particular financial instrument.

Even though it won’t be easy, finding the perfect card for you will definitely be possible, as long as you put the necessary effort into it and as long as you’re patient. Rushing into things and making random choices probably won’t have the best outcome, so do your best to refrain from that. Instead, take your time to do the necessary research and understand what type of a credit card you should get as a student. And, if ready to do the learning and figure out which one to choose, reading on will help out with that.

Go for One That’s Free to Obtain and Own

As a student, you certainly don’t want to pay too many fees when you get your kredittkort. Sure, you have a particular source of steady income, but chances are that you’re not working full-time, or that you’re at an entry level job. In any case, you’re not earning a fortune, and saving on fees is definitely beneficial. Thus, going for a credit card that is free to obtain and free to own, meaning you won’t pay fees on getting it and using it, is certainly a great idea.

As Well As Have Low Fees for Cash Use

While you’ll most likely pay numerous different things with your credit card, you will need to withdraw cash as well, at least from time to time. Once again, considering the fees for that option is certainly a must, since you don’t want them to be too high. So, when in search for a kredittkort for studenter, with the help of sites such as and similar useful sources, you should check the fees for cash use, and go for those cards that either have low or no withdrawal fees at all.

Low Currency Surcharge Is a Great Plus

Are you studying abroad? Or, are you planning on traveling abroad at one point or another during your studies? If you are, then choosing a credit card that has a low currency surcharge is certainly a huge plus. Not every country in the world uses the same currency as your home country, and having a low surcharge on your card means, once again, that you won’t be paying enormous fees when you leave the country. Suppose you can see just how useful this option is.

And So Is the Cashback Option

Speaking of useful options, the cashback one is definitely on the list. When you have the cashback option on your card, it means that you’ll get a percentage of money back whenever you spend something. Quite interesting, isn’t it? And, not only interesting, but also extremely useful for everyone, and especially for students that need to be careful with their budgets at all time. So, when checking out different cards, remember to determine which ones offer the cashback option.

As Well As Fixed Discounts

There are quite a lot of other benefits that kredittkort providers also offer, and you should check those out and choose in accordance with your specific needs. Meaning, you’ll have to decide which benefits could be most useful for your specific situation. Yet, fixed discounts are certainly useful always and for everyone. Thus, going for a card that offers fixed discounts is certainly a smart move.

Free Travel Insurance Is a Good Advantage

Since you’re probably planning on doing some traveling while studying, visiting some places you’ve always wanted to see and exploring new ones as well, you should check which cards offer free travel insurance. While not necessary, this is certainly rather beneficial for all of those students that are planning on doing a lot of traveling. If that’s you, I suppose you can clearly see how advantageous it could be for you to have free travel insurance.

Low Interest Is Also Beneficial

When you think carefully about your financial situation and your spending habits and needs, you’ll be able to get a clearer idea on whether you will actually incur interest costs on the card you’ll get. If you find that you will, going for one that offers a low interest rate is certainly a must. Even if you’re not sure whether you’ll incur interest costs, playing it safe and choosing a low interest kredittkort is always a smart move. Different providers will offer different interest rates, and it is your task to compare those.

Having figured out precisely which benefits would work best for you and what it is that you want to get from your credit card, you’ll feel much readier to make your choice. Naturally, apart from all of this, you should remember to always choose a reputable and reliable provider. Doing so will lead to you getting the perfect kredittkort for studenter and enjoy using that card wherever you go.

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