Laptop Hacking: Secrets you must know and how not to be a victim

You may never know, but someone may be spying on you, as you go naked or undress behind your laptop in the comfort of your room. That’s the severity of Laptop Hacking

Finding yourself in such a situation may give you everything but definitely not a smile.

Yes! Hacking is that terrible.

Hmmm! It’s unfortunate but it keeps banging the doors of our nation because its remedy is buried in some long articles. Power brokers and destitute alike have been caught in what many call sex-tapes.

Such footages have flooded social media space since the days of yore. Interestingly, this devil of sex-tapes crops up its ugly head when nationals, are still biting the gossip of existing ones. I’m not talking about sex-tapes but am notifying, what one could be reduced to if knowledge is not sought, even for married persons. After all, this is not taught at marriage counselling sessions.

Many of us have doubted a good number of these victims who openly confessed they don’t know how the tape came into the public space because they were not filming themselves in the act.

If you are looking for more help to overcome this kind of situation should you fall a victim, you can look up BetterHelp.

It’s also very disturbing, the amount of money stolen through hacking. On July 17th, 2017, CNBC online news portal reported a more than $7 million hacked of crypto-coin offering from CoinDash Company.

It’s that serious!

Daily, many computers in Ghana, Africa and all over the world and the hacking of other gadgets, continue to go undetected.

It’s for this reason that I’ll cut the chase and insightfully engage you on the modus operandi of hackers and possible solutions.

To prevent Laptop Hacking, the first step is always to think Safety.
To prevent Laptop Hacking, the first step is always to think Safety.

Some Laptop Hacking Red Lights and their solutions

Promptings for access to programs you do not know.

It’s very imperative to know that, computer security programs and firewalls help to secure the computer. They are like, security men that bounce people at entrances social functions, but they can overcome by a higher force. These security systems can be compromised when certain links are opened.

Some hackers deliberately, programme viruses on websites.

A computer which accesses this website becomes infected and its security systems are rendered dormant. Sites such as, adult music, and porn sites may pop up for you to accept.

Shortened URLs such as may be corrupted by hackers to and laced with a virus to corrupt your system the more if you accept them.

To explain, a Firewall is what filters information from the internet to your computer. If the information contains viruses, it won’t be allowed access by the firewall.


Frequently update your antivirus and make sure your firewall is on/ secured by putting it on auto-update, this will guard against viruses created by hackers. It’s interesting to note that hackers develop new viruses almost every day.

Changed computer passwords

The password is your rightful key to the entrance of your room, in this context your computer. If the locker to the door has been changed, that means there has been a wrongful entry.

Some hackers add more or one account so that they can gain entry at their will and retrieve the owners’ information.


If you observe such developments, report to the company in charge of that service and they will reset your account and hand legitimate security over to you. The company providing the service, for instance, yahoo, outlook and Google cannot change your passwords on their own volition only a hacker does that.

Your mouse moves to make selections.

In regard to my premise, this cunning move is used by some hackers to activate cameras of compromised computers. These cameras are activated without the knowledge of the owner. Bank transactions are done, letters are sent to business associates on one’s behalf in this phase.


One upon detection should put off the computer, or off the internet connection.


Your doors can be locked and physical, social security may be beefed up but technical security can expose you to fraud among others. Most hacking is done via the internet, so please be careful.

Owners of computers have a higher responsibility than non-owners and must be on the guard when their passwords change, their mouse move to make selections by themselves and when they continuously receive popups to open certain sites especially some torrent and porn sites. Analyse your computer.

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