Leaked: Here is a flash of the Specs of TECNO’s next phone in 2018

When it comes to what phones are going to be released next, no consumer wants to be taken by surprise, but that’s what phone manufacturers want.

Afterall, if you already know about what’s coming, you wouldn’t be so much interested in it when it finally comes.

Well, we have some fresh news on an upcoming TECNO Phone, code named: TECNO CF7. We first spotted the new phone on popular testing site Geekbench under the name: “TECNO MOBILE LIMITED TECNO CF7.

The two entries for the TECNO CF7 on Geekbench

That particular name has only been tested twice on Geekbench, all within the last 5 days. And from the results above, it appears TECNO may well be done with production and are tweaking the software of the new phone.

For example, The June 11, 2018 test gives the phone a single core score of 673 and a multi-core score of 1851 while the June 12, 2018 test gives results of a slightly higher performance – 683 for single core and 1921 for multi-core.

If TECNO is indeed testing the software on the phone, then it means they may be preparing to launch the phone soon.

So what does the detailed Geekbench score say about the phone? Well, not much but enough to give us a clue to what phone it might be.

The first thing you would notice is that this new phone would run Android 8.1.0. Well, we don’t expect this to be “pure Android” as TECNO is definitely going to skin it with their “HiOS”.

As the phone is yet to be released, it is again safe to assume that the results from Geekbench may not be a 100%, but they shouldn’t differ much from the final product we should see.

At the performance side, there is the MediaTek MT6739WW Processor clocking @ 1.50 GHz and a meagre 2GB of ram.

Then comes the name of the Phone.

TECNO has mainly the Camon, Phantom and Spark series, along with some other phones which do not form so much of a series. This year, there has already been three Camon Phone – The Camon CM, The Camon X and the Camon X Pro. The Phantom phones as we have become accustomed to will drop somewhere during the last quarter of the year, so that leaves us with Spark.

Apart from the analysis on TECNO’s series, the specs also point to the path of a Spark phone. 2GB Ram and 4 cores with a 1.5 GHz processor, sure, a Tecno Spark.

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