List of Best E-reader for Manga

Manga in English translation may be read in many different ways. Two common options include purchasing tankobon volumes from bookstores or online or reading manga on your phone or tablet using the Shonen Jump app.

Investing in and utilizing an eReader is a third option to read manga (a Kindle, Kobo, or Nook). It might take much longer than you might think to select the finest eReader for the manga, though (speaking from experience).

The Kindle Oasis is the ideal e-reader for the manga, saving you time because it reads like a manga page and has the storage to carry the whole one-piece manga along with 30 additional fully finished comics. Additionally, it boasts a high PPI of 300, making it incredibly sharp.

List of best e-reader for manga

Oasis Kindle

For any purpose, the Kindle Oasis is among the greatest e-readers. For reading books, comics, articles, and of course manga, it’s fantastic. It may be optimized for any usage, making it a great investment.

You may switch the tone of the screen from chilly to warm thanks to its color-adjustable integrated light. This would make it easier on your eyes, particularly if you read for extended periods of time.

The option to have the screen automatically update on its own is also available. After then, when it notices the dawn or sunset, it will change.

You may read manga while traveling because it is completely waterproof. It’s possible that you worry about wetting physical tankobons while you read them. However, you may read the most recent chapters while lounging by the pool or on the beach with the Kindle Oasis.

Manga files may now get large. This is particularly valid if you’re reading a lengthy series like One Piece. It’s important to know that the Kindle Oasis comes with memory options ranging from 8 GB to 32 GB. We advise getting 32 GB so you can read the manga. 

It is around the size of a manga page because the screen is likewise around 7 inches. Reading becomes more convenient and realistic as a result. You can carry it anywhere you go because of how lightweight it is. Imagine having access to hundreds of manga volumes on a single computer.

Kobo Forma

The Kindle Oasis’ Kobo equivalent is the Kobo Forma. The brand’s top-tier e-reader is this one. Additionally, it offers a backlight tone adjustment feature, allowing you to read comfortably day or night.

Nevertheless, it differs from the Kindle Oasis in a number of ways thanks to its features. Its 8-inch screen is only the beginning. As a result, your reading space is bigger than the Oasis’.

Depending on your preference, this would be. Personally, I think that enjoying comics on a larger screen is more rewarding. However, because it is larger than the Oasis, it is a bit less portable.

Because it is only 0.16 inches thin, it is also lighter than the Oasis. This could compensate for its larger bulk.

It doesn’t necessarily feel more upscale though. Because of the soft-touch body, it is less rigid and opulent. Oasis features an aluminum body that is gunmetal gray in color. The Kobo Forma is more flexible and, maybe, more robust as a result of its plastic body. 

HD Kobo Clara

Thank the others and think about the Kobo Clara HD for less than half the cost. It is still good enough to read manga on despite having a 6-inch screen and 8 GB memory.

As you read, you may also alter the backlight’s brightness. Therefore, even if you occasionally squint, it won’t strain your eyes too much.

It can only be read in black and white, but unless you read colored manga, this shouldn’t be an issue. It is just as crisp as its more costly equivalents despite having a resolution of only 300 PPI. 

Manga EPUB loading might be a challenge for the Kobo Clara HD. To assure compatibility, you can directly purchase manga from Kobo. However, be careful to submit your manga as CBZ files if you’re importing it onto the smartphone.

Although it is simple, it serves its purpose. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for readers on a budget!

Kindle Paperwhite 5.

On this list, is the quickest manga e-reader. Of course, Kindle also makes an inexpensive e-reader. For a long time, entry-level e-readers were measured against the Kindle Paperwhite. The most recent version, which was just produced in 2021, is the 11th generation.

A brand-new E Ink Carta 1200 Display is used by the Kindle Paperwhite 5. This indicates that page flipping speed has increased by 20%, while total e-reader performance has increased by 50%.

Its 6.8-inch display gives it a little bigger screen than the Kobo Clara HD. It’s near enough to a manga page, which is normally a little over 7 inches, to feel real when reading. 

Additionally, the screen contains 17 white and amber LED lights. This creates the impression that you are reading by candlelight.

The benefit of simply purchasing from Amazon on a tablet is convenience. This implies that you can buy digital manga from Amazon and quickly download a volume. However, as a basic e-reader, it only offers 8 GB of storage. Then, while you read, you must remove files and move them around.

But you may also choose the recently introduced Amazon Paperwhite. It shares all of the characteristics of the Paperwhite 5. However, as an upgrade, it includes a 32 GB storage capacity and a sensor that can alter its lighting automatically.

Portable Inkpad X

Gaming add-ons provide you more versatility than other items on this list because they go beyond simply being readers thanks to their browser. Also, if the size of the screen bothers you, stop your search right here.

This boasts the list’s largest screen. The most well-known e-reader on this list is the Pocketbook Inkpad X. Given that the screen is 10.3 inches, you can read manga in its entirety.

If you like, you can even scale them up! To read the dialogue, there is no need to pinch and zoom.Its 227 PPI is a little lower than what the Kobo and Kindle e-readers provide. This results in a less sharp display. This can become clearer as you go along because the screen is bigger.

The clever light technology is a plus. This recognizes your lighting conditions automatically and changes the screen tone as necessary.

Additionally, it features a built-in note-taking tool that offers a selection of pens. You are free to use a stylus or not. This would be ideal for you if you’re the type of reader who needs to make note of quotes while thinking about what transpired. 

But unlike Kobo and Kindle, Pocketbook lacks an integrated marketplace. This implies that everything must be sideloaded. On the plus side, unlike its rivals, it can load PDF files. This works best if you have a stock of manga that you have downloaded in PDF format.

The potential of the Pocketbooks Inkpad X as an e-reader is unrelated to this upcoming capability. On its home screen, though, there are other games like Sudoku and Chess. If you take a short break from reading, that might be beneficial.

If you wish to visit several websites, the browser feature is very beneficial. You can even visit forums to see what other manga readers have to say about the most recent chapter.

Nova Onyx Boox Air

With this tool, you may read and sketch manga. So, if you enjoy reading manga and are an inspirational manga creator, this reader is ideal for you.

On this list, it has the highest screen resolution. An electronic reader called the Onyx Boox Nova Air utilizes Google Android 10. It now has full access to the Google Playstore, so to speak. You may buy many books and manga applications there.

For instance, get the Shueisha manga app. You may immediately access your subscription from there. This facilitates for you an effortless reading experience.

What we suggest (Time to Make a decision)

Due to its sizable high-resolution screen and quick processing, the New Kindle Paperwhite is the recommended option if you’re seeking the finest Kindle tablet to read manga.

The Kindle Oasis is the best option, though, if you want a gadget with a huge screen and page flip buttons.


The above are personal made research for you and have identified what I consider to be the top manga reader.

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