List Of MTN Short codes For All Services In Ghana [Updated 2024]

All MTN short codes for all services in Ghana have been updated and here at Mifidie, we always catch up with updates for our readers. short codes, help you subscribe, unsubscribe and access services on MTN faster.

So, if you want to know all of MTN short codes for your convenience, you’ll discover them all right here. Keep reading!

MTN Short codes Complete List

Below you will find the updated list of all MTN short codes provided with a description:

MTN Short CodeDescription
*124# Check MTN airtime and data bundle balance
*135# Activate, Deactivate and Buy MTN Zone Bundles
*135*0#Check current MTN Zone Discount
*138# Access MTN bundle portal (Buy flexi data, Midnight bundles, Krokrokoo, Social media, Video & IDD bundles)
*141# Check and buy MTN Just4U offer
*140#Access MTN Pay4Me service & Call barring options
*156# Access MTN Info Portal (Check your number, Internet settings, Usage summary, 4G SIM Change, & Promo points)
*170# Transfer money, Make payments, Check account balance and access Financial services.
*175# Access MTN Content Manager ( Check subscriptions, approvals, and available services)
*198# Transfer airtime to other MTN numbers
*400# Check your MTN SIM card registration details
*506# Borrow Airtime
*511# Generate Token for ATM for MTN Momo
*550# Access MTN Offers Menu (Free after One, Just4U, Pulse Mashup, and much more)
*567# Buy MTN Pulse Mashup Bundles
*595# Retrieve interest on your Mobile Money Wallet
100 Call MTN Costumer Care line
154 plus recipients’ number Access MTN Pay-for-Me Services
**67*02XXXXXXXX*11 Divert calls when Busy
**61*02XXXXXXXX*11 Divert call when there is No Answer
**62*02XXXXXXXX*11# Divert calls when Unreachable
**21*02XXXXXXXX*11# Divert all calls
##21# Deactivate diversion of calls
024xxxxxxx 1 to 1399 Send a message to access Please Call Me SEvice
1515 Report Mobile Money fraud
108 Send Voicemail
109 Receive Voicemail
*5057#Buy and Check MTN Turbonet Bundles
Send Port to 600Port MTN Number to other networks
*1390#Access MTN Number for life service
1355Activate MTN Caller Tunez
Send STOP to 1355Stop MTN Caller Tunez

How You can Get Free Credit on MTN

If you are a new MTN user or even an old subscriber, you can always get access to free credit, follow these steps:

  1. New Subscriber:
    • Dial *550# to receive six months of free unlimited calls.
  2. Old Subscriber:
    • Dial *550#.
    • Select the following options:
      • 7 (Rewards)
      • 2 (Redeem points for credit)
      • 1 (Airtime)
    • Choose an airtime-reward points package.
    • Confirm your selection by selecting 1.
    • You’ll receive a confirmation message once the process is successful.

How You Can Activate 4G on MTN

To activate 4G on your MTN network, follow these steps:

  1. Android Phones
    • Navigate to Settings on your phone.
    • Tap Network & Internet.
    • Select Mobile Network.
    • Choose Preferred network type and set it to 4G network.
  2. iPhones (iOS):
    • Open Settings.
    • Tap Mobile Data.
    • Select Mobile Options.
    • Select Voice & Data.
    • Choose 4G or LTE.

Is there a Free Browsing Code on MTN?

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing this article, MTN has not yet provided any code or service that provides users with free browsing.


From free credit to unlimited bundles, this guide has covered the latest MTN short codes for all services in Ghana. Always recheck this article for any latest updates and share to your folks to spread this update.

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