List of top 10 Tech Bloggers & Websites in Nigeria

In this article today, we bring you the top technology bloggers in Nigeria.

The technology blogs in Nigeria have really helped many experts specialize and share their knowledge through writing. Nigeria has many bloggers, so it’s possible for you to get confused about which of the bloggers you need to follow. We are here to guide you through your journey of becoming a technology blogger in Nigeria.

Blogging is a good business, and many people enjoy the fun they derive from tech products. If you are searching for the best bloggers in Nigeria, we will provide you with a list of these bloggers and their websites.

Below are the Tech bloggers in Nigeria and their websites.

  1. Oluwafemi Bankole
  2. Franklin Obioha
  3. Oke Charles
  4. Abiodun Olubakinde
  5. Yomi Adegboye
  6. Muyiwa Matuluko
  7. Samuel Afolabi
  8. Omotimehin Oluwadamilare
  9. Hide Ogunsanya
  10. Paschal Okafor

Let’s now discuss the Technology websites in Nigeria the bloggers above write for.

TechCabal (

This site was created by Mr. Oluwafemi Bankole in 2013. This site is still functioning to date, and it has become the best tech blog in Nigeria. This blogging site provides you with all the information you need to know about funding, investment, and entrepreneurship worldwide.

This tech blog is among the top best in Nigeria due to the record of extensive users review.

Tech point (

This tech blog site is also a recognized website when it has to do with technology-related topics. It was created by Muyiwa Matuluko and Adewale Yusuf in year 2015. Tech point has been able to write on depth stories about Nigeria’s technology system.

GadgetStripe (

This is another technology blog created by Oke Charles. This blog provides you with a lot of information that will benefit you. It gives you information on smartphones and some gadgets.

NaijaTech (

It is also another platform with the best tech blogs in Nigeria. It was launched by Paschal Okafor in December 2006. This blog provides you with buy guides, tips, gadget reviews, and specifications. The site also provides you with Fintech information, Apps, and other online services.

TechCity (

This blog provides you with news and stories beyond Nigeria. It has a lot of top-notch information in a language that everyone understands.

MobilityArena (

This is one of the prominent voices in the technology blog industry. It was launched in 2008. It has a lot of information on handset news, smartphone help articles, opinion analyses, and comparing smartphones.

HowToTechNaija (

This is a fantastic blog site that you can count on when it involves accessing technology-related news online. It was founded by Abiodun Olubakinde in 2016. This blogger focus on writing about smartphones, gadgets, and many more. Thai technology is out to help impact technology users.

TechLector (

Techlector is among the leading tech blog created by one of the bloggers in Nigeria known as Samuel Afolabi. It was launched in the year 2015. The main focus of this blog includes gadget reviews, Tablets, Notebooks, Hi-Tech news, Ultrabooks, and lots more.

TechNext (

Technext blog site provides you with business-related articles. It emphasizes African problems more, and its aim is to influence the technology in the world.

NaijaKnowHow (

This tech blog was created by one of the top bloggers in Nigeria, Franklin Obioha, in 2015. The primary focus of this site is to assist those without technology knowledge (non-tech savvy) in solving the fundamental problems they might face in the tech world.


Despite having many bloggers in Nigeria, there are still a lot of tech sites that can help you. The sites listed above have been proven to have a lot of information you need on tech news/content and any related tech topics.

Blogging is an excellent online business that you can start, especially if you love writing. This business has really helped a lot of people to achieve their dreams.

If you enjoy writing, you can become a blogger since you now know the top bloggers in Nigeria. You can begin your blogging journey right away.

Don’t think less of yourself!

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