Love your health? Here are Smartwatches you should check out

After the spurt of the smartphone, the tech industry grew beyond its limits and soon tech was trying to find its way everywhere.

Artificial intelligence, electric cars automated trains everything. One key area of exploits was in health. Back in the days, you needed to go to your doctor or specialist to check your vitals and sometimes very regularly if you had a chronic condition like hypertension or diabetes. Thankfully those days are over.

With a smartwatch on your hands, you basically have everythung from motion tracking to heart irregularities its had to ignoreits benefits. Not every watch can do everything, but here are the best watches to make sure you live as safely as posssibly.

Xiaomi Amazfit

First on the list is the best budget watch is the Xiaomi Amazfit. At $120 (GHS 642) this is extremely cheap considering the Apple watch which is $399 and above.

The watch checks all the boxes: heart rate sensor, GPS and 4Gb of storage. The also comes with a very user-friendly app which helps you set it up and configure the watch’s face. The 4Gb of storage ensures that quite a handful of songs can be stored which can only be played with a Bluetooth connected device.

Another handy feature is the Alipay which won’t be of use to us in Ghana but it allows the Chinese to pay with just a scan much like Apple Pay. The only problem found was its inability to connect with multiple devices at a time. With a battery life of 5 days, it seems like a golden deal.

Huawei Watch 2 Classic

If you prefer classic watches with leather straps and a metal body then look no further than the Huawei Watch 2 Classic.

Like the Amaz fit, it checks all the boxes required of it as a modern smartwatchh. With an IP68 rating, you are assured your watch would survive a swimming exercise. THe watch also has a dedicated button to activate a workout mode and can track sleep too.

Android pay is also supported on the watch which can survive almost 2 days with a single charge. Also, because it looks like a regular watch, the display is kinda small but it is still manageable.

At $389(GHS 2081), it’s by no means cheap but if a classic look is what you want, the Huawei watch 2 classic is your best bet.

Galaxy Watch

The smartwatch is an extension of the battle between Apple and Samsung. Dubbed the best smartwatch for android users, it’s an extension of Samsung’s great display technology.

It looks great and come with rotating bezels to switch modes Instead of the usual wearos, the watch comes with Risen which beautifies everything and make navigation so simple. A downside of this is that Tizen doesn’t support third party apps which is kinda lame.

In terms of health, Samsung can track 39 exercises accurately which is insane. It also has the usual GPS tracker, heart rate sensor and Samsung pay. It’s also relatively cheaper than the Apple watch at $349(GHS 186) for the base model.

Apple Series 4

Arguably the best money can afford, the Apple series 4 is the one closest to having a doctor around. And where it falls short in battery life , it makes up in its ability to pick up ventricular arrhythmias and fibrillations.

An arrhythmia is an irregular beating of the heart and can predispose to death in the short term. The Apple watch’s ability to track arrhythmias has saved many lives and is pushing people with heart related conditions to buy it.

Ergonomically speaking, the watch is well built and feels and looks expensive. With a bigger display, less bezels and a much more interective screen. It’s hard to run this down. But at $399(2134 cedis)for the GPS and $499 (GHS 2669) for the cellular model, it’s on the high end.

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