How To Make Free Calls On MTN Ghana For 6 Months

With over 18.83 million subscribers, MTN Ghana is one of the most popular telcos in Ghana.

You will agree with me that when it comes to the best internet connection in Ghana MTN Ghana is the best.

Ghanaians are in love with the telco because it provides affordable offers which any person whether rich or poor can afford.

Starting with MTN free after one which allows you to pay for the first call and then the rest of the call will be free, besides, MTN also gives you free 50MB to be used for the day.

When it comes to MTN mobile money, after making transactions using your mobile money, MTN also pays you interest every three months on the money you have spent yourself. Isn’t it mind-blowing?
So now when I say MTN is the most used network in Ghana here I hope you now know why?

Well, there are a lot of offers that this telco provides for its users but today we are going to talk about the one that is my favourite and makes me fall in love with this telco.

Do you know you can make free calls on MTN for six good months?
Yes, you heard me right, six good solid months. In this article, I am going to take you through how to make free calls for six months using an MTN sim card.

Before teaching you the steps on how to make free calls on MTN Ghana…

Who Is Eligible For This Offer?

MTN purposely made this offer to welcome new sim card users. So the people who are eligible for this offer are people that have started using the MTN sim card and it is not more than three months old.

How To Activate MTN Free 6 Months Call Offer

  1. On your MTN sim card dial *550#
  2. Select 1: MTN Free Call Offer
  3. Now type in your special MTN number
  4. Within minutes you will receive an SMS from MTN telling you that you have activated the 6 months call and then you will see the date it is going to expire.
  5. Call your special number to enjoy the offer

Can You Call Any Number For Free After Activating The MTN Free Call Offer?

No, you cant call any number for free. This offer allows you to use one MTN number that you can call for free for 6 months.

How Many Minutes Or Hours Can You Call This Special Person After Activating This Offer?

You can call this special person as many as you want (even if you can make a longer call with that person, you can call that person right after activating and start talking for six months, the call is not going to hang up if your battery or the person’s battery doesn’t die).

Final Words

I use a 2 sim phone so I always get an additional MTN sim every 6 months and keep enjoying the offer.

Aside from all these offers, MTN is giving its customers, one of them which is my favourite is the MTN 6 months free call, in this article we went through how to activate this offer and answered all the questions about the MTN 6 months free call offer.

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