How To Make Money Online As A Student Or Home Mom In Ghana

Money is sweet but its sweetness is only enjoyed by those who own it. There is no thought that money is what is ruling the world today.

There are a lot of people today who leave untouchable life because they have money. These people are never wrong; likewise, they can’t tell a lie. Even if they do, their money will speak for them and makes them the ultimate winners.

As a regular Joe, you can only get trusted and respected by your peers only when you own the papers. As a student, you go through a lot of struggle most especially if you’re from an average home or a poor background.

Most students today go through a lot of hardship during and even after their studies. Every blessed day, I get a lot of messages from people of all manners asking me how they can make some income online to help them support their education.

Whenever I get this kind of message, I feel it deep inside me because I can also relate to their plight. I was once in that position. During my undergrad’s studies most especially the first year of my stay in the university, I went through a lot and that was what made me to start some side hustling and today I can say the hustle I started back at the university has helped me and I am going to share with you the one reading this article how you can also start that same hustle and hopefully it will help you too.

As a student, there are a lot of opportunities you can tap online and begin to make some side income to support your stay on campus. Being a university student is one of the best gifts one could have gotten because is during this time of your educational studies that you get to meet a lot of like-minded individuals. These individual have a lot of great ideas and when used at the best, it ends up creating a life-changing opportunity.

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If you are on this page my guess is that you are a student or a home mom who is looking for ways to make some few cash online. If I’m right then worry not because I can assure you by the time you finish reading this post you will be able to decide as to what you can do and earn your first dollar online.  

I think I have to cut the long talk short and dive straight the main points. So if you are tired of reading the long talk then below are some of the things you can start today that will help you earn some passive income online as a student.

  1. Starting a blog
  2. Creating a YouTube channel
  3. Writing an eBook

The above-listed points are some of the things you can start today that will help you generate passive income online. So let’s dive deep and try to explain how you can earn passive income using any of the above points.

Alright friends, let me first start by explaining what passive income is and then show you how to use any of the above to earn the passive income.

Passive income is short is the income that you keep earning due to some hard work you did once. It requires you doing something today and that thing will continue to bring you income on daily basis. For instance, when a person writes a book, he or she will continue to get proceeds from the sale of that book on daily, weekly or monthly basis meanwhile the author only put in some effort in coming out with the book. That’s what passive income comes from. Now that we had a small insight into what a passive income is, then let’s look at how to use any of the above points to generate passive income online,

Starting a blog

Every successful online entrepreneur started by owning a blog. A blog is more or less like the online presence of an individual. When you own a blog there is a lot of benefits you can drive from it. You can make money and also get a lot of exposure through your blog.

When I wanted to start an online career, the first thing I started was to create my personal blog. Today I can say I got the whole of what I own by the help of the blog I started years back.

A month after starting a blog I got a sponsor and by one of the companies in the United States. They wanted me to write a product review of one of their products and I did that and got paid. Today, I make some passive income through my blog. I get clients all over the world through blogging.  

How To Make Money From Your Blog

There are many ways you can make passive income through blogging on the best through are paid advertisement and affiliate marketing. With the paid advertisement, brands like Google and Bings will put ads on your site and when your site visitors click on the ads, you get paid by these advertisers. You can read more on Google AdSense and Bing ads to get more knowledge of how paid advertisement works.

With affiliate marketing, your companies will pay you to recommend their products to prospective buyers. That’s you get paid commission when you bring a customer to a product. Get more information about how affiliate marketing works from this link.

Creating a YouTube channel

Video content is one of the most consumes content today online. Everyone is now comfortable watching videos than reading articles. Due to this a lot of marketers are now shifting their marketing strategies to videos and today a lot of them are getting more results with this form of marketing.

As a student or a stay home mom, you can make passive income by starting a YouTube channel. YouTube is own by Google and it does not cost anything to start a YouTube channel. All you need is a Gmail account and you are 99% set to start channel.

You earn passive income from YouTube through their partner program known as AdSense. When you start a channel and you are able to reach the requirement for monetization, you channel with be approved and then YouTube will start to put ads on your video and this is how you can make income from YouTube. YouTube is one of my best sources of passive income.

Every month I earned not less than $300 from YouTube simply because I have over 100 videos uploaded on my channel. I started this channel in 2014 when I was in the second year in the university and today this channel is bringing some passive income to my pocket.

You can also start and when you are serious, you can be able to break through and begin to make some passive income from your channel. It is simple and easy to get through with YouTube.

All that you need to do is to create your channel and then do more research on how to grow a YouTube channel. Apply all the information you had to your channel and hopefully, you will begin to see results.

Writing an eBook

A lot of students at the university are well talented and most are great writers. They are good at writing stories and other motivational speeches. But what they don’t know is the fact that they can write a simple mini book that can fetch them some cash.

When I was starting with online, I came across a lot of eBooks written by normal students from some of the countries like Nigerian and other countries and these books are in a form of PDF.

They sell books to support their educational studies. Today the books they have written keeps on bringing passive income to their pocket and most of these books can be found on sites like Amazon.

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