MapAfrica Unveils Signboards App: A New Era for Personal Advertising

MapAfrica Limited has introduced the Signboards App, an innovative platform designed to streamline personal advertising for professionals, freelancers, and gig workers. The app, conceived by Leonard Benkowsky, boasts a user-friendly interface that empowers users to create engaging text banners and seamlessly upload images, GIFs, and videos. It also facilitates sharing of contact details, offering a direct link between service providers and potential clients.

“We’re thrilled to launch Signboards App,” said Benkowsky. “Our vision is to offer professionals, freelancers, and gig workers a straightforward yet robust tool to market their services and effectively connect with clients.”

Key Features of the Signboards App:

  • Simple Text Banner Creation: Craft straightforward yet impactful text banners.
  • Media Upload: Effortlessly upload images, GIFs, and videos.
  • Contact Integration: Easily integrate your contact details for client interaction.
  • Keyword-Based Organization: Organize and discover content using relevant keywords.
  • Multi-Platform Availability: Access on both Android and iOS devices.

The Signboards App is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Join today to transform how you connect with your audience.

For more information, visit or contact the team via [email protected].

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